Who Are Armin and Susan Rodriguez? Ohio Grandparents Arrested For Unimaginable Child Abuse

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The Ohio step-grandparents Armin and Susan Rodriguez are accused of torturing their 13-year-old stepson in “unimaginable” ways.

The step-grandparents of a boy who was apparently detained in “concentration camp-like” conditions were arrested after being indicted by a grand jury in Ohio late last week on child abuse allegations.

Armin Rodiguez, 70, and Susan Rodiguez, 67, are accused of child endangerment causing bodily injury and child endangerment complicity, according to court records reviewed by Law & Crime. According to court records obtained by the television network, the couple “recklessly tormented or brutally attacked the victim.”

Armin and Susan Rodriguez

Armin and Susan Rodriguez

Armin and Susan Rodriguez: Who Are They? Grandparents Arrested in Ohio

Armin and Susan Rodriguez are the step-grandparents who are currently doing time in prison for allegedly participating in harsh punishments meted out to their daughter’s stepson.

The charges are similar to those leveled in March against the couple’s daughter, Amy Dangel (also known as Amy Rodriguez in court filings). The boy’s biological father, Anthony Dangek, has also been charged with child endangerment for allegedly creating a risk and failing to prevent the alleged abuse.

Prosecutors believe the assault occurred over a three-year period beginning in 2018.

Was the Grandchild Abuse Case of Armin and Susan Rodriguez a Death Case?

Prosecutors claim that the step-grandparents punished their 13-year-old step-grandson by forcing him to stand for hours in an unused room. The victim was apparently denied access to the bathroom throughout these claimed torture sessions. According to reports, Armin and Susan Rodriguez would utilize webcams to keep an eye on the youngsters to ensure compliance.

Similar allegations were made against their daughter, but the couple’s camera detail appears to be unique.

Investigators believe the boy’s step-grandparents hit him with a belt and denied him food, just as the boy’s stepmother is accused of doing. The two are charged with complicity, which means they ‘aided or supported Amy Dangel in committing the felony of child abuse.’

Amy Dangel, on the other hand, is accused of abusing the child with wooden spoons as well as being thrashed with belts. In revenge for his claimed offenses, she allegedly chained him to a bed and violently beat him.

The youngster now walks with a limp, is in severe pain, and has been mentally traumatized as a result of the abuse, according to the child’s aunt, Heather Coombs. According to Lisa Dangel, the boy’s biological mother, she died in January 2016.

Amy Dangel has also been accused of abusing the 13-year-brother, old’s though her claims have so far been limited to the elder sibling. The allegations of child abuse were first brought to the boy’s aunt’s attention in 2019.

In addition, the boy’s father and stepmother were also firefighters for the Miami Township Fire Department. They were initially placed on administrative leave, but they have now both been fired.

Susan and Armin Rodriguez can be found on Facebook

Armin and Susan Rodriguez don’t appear to have any social media accounts, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

It’s difficult to follow down their social life during this time in such a setting.

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