Who Are Muzzo Parents Robert Muzzo And Dawn Muzzo? Did He Get Married To Fiancé Taryn Hampton?

who are muzzo parents robert muzzo and dawn muzzo did he get married to fiance taryn hampton

In 2015, three kids and a grandfather from the same family were killed in a car accident caused by a drunk driver, Marco Muzzo. This has traumatized the family. More sad news has come out about it since the father of the three children who died in the accident, Edward Lake, killed himself on Father’s Day.

The guilty person was given a ten-year prison sentence, but after six years, he was given full parole, which the victim’s family felt was unfair. This article tells you more about the family of the drunk driver.

Muzzo Parents Robert Muzzo And Dawn Muzzo

Muzzo Parents Robert Muzzo And Dawn Muzzo

Marco Muzzo Parents: Father Robert Muzzo, Mother Dawn Muzzo?

Marco was born to Robert Muzzo, who was his father, and Dawn, who was his mother. But his dad died of prostate cancer at age 73, right in the middle of his family. With a net worth of $1.7 billion, Muzzo Sr. was listed as the 52nd richest Canadian.

Muzzo was one of the three big builders of suburbs. He was the owner of the businesses Marel Contractors in Vaughan and Pemberton Group in Toronto. He had more than 3,500 construction workers working for him.

After Marco Sr. died, he took over the family business and became the leader of the company. During his hearing, the young billionaire’s mother also came to court. She also told the family of the victim that she was sorry for what happened and asked the media to leave them alone.

Who Is Marco Muzzo Married To?

Marco Muzzo was about to marry his fiancee in a few weeks, but he was driving drunk and killed four people and seriously hurt two others.

But he later married Taryn Hampton, and she told him that the convict was a very passionate man. She talked about her husband Marco and said that he is a very caring person who also takes care of other people.

Still, she told him that she had seen him help his friend and family member many times. But many people didn’t agree with her because of what she said and how sad it made the family of the victim.

More On The Marco Muzzo Parole Details?

Marco, who killed three children (Daniel, 9, Harrison, 5, and Miller, 2) and their grandfather Gary Neville, 65, in a car crash in September 2015, was given full parole.

The judge then gave him a 10-year prison sentence. He admitted to four counts of drunk driving that caused death and two counts of drunk driving that hurt people. He was also banned from driving for 12 years.

When you see a Pemberton Group development in Toronto, think about how Marco Muzzo’s family owns that company and he’s getting richer while the Neville-Lake family has lost 5 members because of his drunken joyride, and Edward Lake’s death today is a heartbreaking addition.

But when he was given parole, the family of the four people he killed in 2015, who were still traumatized by the deaths, felt even worse. The father of the three children who died in the accident is said to have killed himself on Father’s Day.

Even though his parole said he couldn’t live near where the crash happened, he wanted to move back to the spot where he killed four people and hurt two very badly. He said that he and his partner wanted to share a home in another part of Vaughan.

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