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July 7, Kathmandu. Bir Bahadur Thapa, 63, of Dhumbarahi had been suffering from nerve related disease for a long time. He went to many allopathic and ayurvedic hospitals for medical treatment. But the problem was not solved. Her condition did not improve even after treatment in many places.

On top of that, ulcers and piles diseases were also increasing. As long as there is hope for breath, he chose the path of yoga as he could not be cured by the medicine of the hospital.

Initially, he started doing yoga at home by watching TV. Later, he started learning yoga at various yoga ashrams. Her health gradually improved after a month of fasting, eating only milk and fruits along with yoga.

Thapa, who has been practicing yoga since 2059 BS, had a spinal cord injury that healed without surgery. While practicing yoga regularly, he is now recovering from joint pain, gastric and piles diseases.

“I went to many hospitals for medical treatment, the pain did not go away, but I have experienced a 10 year old age after learning yoga,” he says. He has stopped using hospital medicine as the disease is getting less with regular yoga practice.

Pushpa Gautam, a 52-year-old participant in yoga practice, says that after regular yoga in the morning, the fatigue of housework is eliminated. Exhausted by cancer, she started practicing yoga while undergoing cancer treatment. Her body was weighed down by chemotherapy and she was also suffering from obesity.

‘Yoga has changed my life. From the moment I started learning yoga, I began to feel that I had no problems, ‘she said. It’s been two years since I went to the hospital. ‘

Now she not only teaches yoga but also teaches young children at school. He has experienced that yoga can bring a lot of changes in one’s life. “Yoga has made my body, which is suffering from cancer, healthy,” she says. After recovering from her cancer and continuing to practice yoga, she says she has never seen any other health problems.

Why do yoga?

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People today suffer from both physical and mental causes. Yoga guru Bhanubhakta Dahal says that yoga is the way to overcome such problems. ‘Yoga is an ancient way of life, in which body, mind and soul come together. In simple language, the union of the living soul and the divine is yoga, ‘he says.

Yoga is not only an exercise but also a spiritual practice. Man’s existence is physical, mental and spiritual, yoga helps to balance these three. According to Dahal, yoga is an art of living without any religion and its goal is a healthy body and a healthy mind.

Yoga can keep the body, mind and brain healthy.

The benefits of yoga

-Daily yoga helps all the organs of the body to function properly.

-High blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, respiratory diseases can be freed from.

– Provides a different kind of energy to the body by removing anxiety, stress, fatigue, depression, negative thoughts.

– Helps to regularize women’s menstruation.

– Helps to increase digestive capacity.

– Helps to reduce obesity.

-Yoga also benefits those who have joint, back and nerve related diseases.

-Regular yoga practice keeps the heart and blood vessels clean.

-Yoga gives the body the power to fight disease by developing immunity.

– Makes the body strong.

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