Who Did The Pensacola Correctional Officer Sage Keele Kidnap? Is He Arrested & In Jail Now?

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Sage Keele was a formal Pensacola Correctional Officer arrested in 2020 for trying to kidnap a date he met on Tinder. Find more about his charges and arrest report.

Officer Sage Keele Kidnap

Officer Sage Keele Kidnap

On September 23, 2020, the police of Escambia County apprehended Sage Keele, who had evaded capture the previous day after fleeing the scene of the crime. On September 22, Sage made an attempt to kidnap his Tinder date from her resident and to zip tie her in her car in the parking lot of the building where she worked.

According to the complaint filed by the police, the woman who had worked as a corrections officer in Pensacola called the former officer and asked him to come to her house because she needed to return a pair of shoes. Sage said that his name was Richard A. Grant when they initially connected through the dating app Tinder around three weeks ago. Richard A. Grant was actually his real name.

Sage Keele broke up with the lady immediately once she found out about his antics, but Sage took it personally when she did so. The lady’s name is being kept a secret. He wasn’t quite prepared to walk away from his date just yet. Sage showed up in front of his date just as she was about to leave for what appeared to be their ‘last meet,’ and he acted in a very peculiar manner.

Sage Keele: Pensacola Correctional Officer Kidnapped A Woman He Met On Tinder

Sage Keele, a former correctional officer for the state of Florida, was arrested for allegedly attempting to kidnap the woman he met on Tinder. At their most recent meeting location, which was the lady’s apartment, Sage showed there before his date. He then went on to present her with two options, to which she responded by saying that she would gladly select the third option.

Sage proceeded to show her a few tablets, which the woman mistook for some potentially deadly substances and consequently snatched away from Sage as soon as she saw them. Keele was infuriated by her behavior and attempted to attack her before pursuing her to her vehicle.

Sage grabbed charge of the situation, blocked it with her body, and entered the vehicle, where she made an attempt to zip-tie her ex-date before the lady could latch and lock her car doors. Sage mockingly made a mockery out of the location of the crime and then exited the vehicle when a bystander spotted the crime being committed.

But before long, he would begin his menacing behavior once more, and when he did so this time, the lady’s roommate would arrive and terrify Sage into fleeing the scene. The local authorities were summoned, and after they arrived, they located Sage’s phone. Sage was taken into custody the very following day, and his bond was set at $76,000.

Was Sage Keele Arrested? Is He In Jail Now?

On September 23, 2020, Sage Keele was taken into custody for allegedly attempting to kidnap one of his previous Tinder dates. With the intention of doing her harm in some other way, he made an attempt to gain entry to her vehicle and hog-tie her.

He was taken into custody by the Escambia Police Department and lodged in the Escambia County Jail after his arrest.

He was charged with kidnapping, burglary, and battery, in addition to two counts of fraudulent impersonation, and his bail was set at $76 thousand. These charges were brought against him.

Was Sage Keele’s Mugshot Released?

Sage Keele’s released mugshot is not made available on online media. The information on his arrest was disseminated throughout a number of different criminal reports and news pages.

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