Who is Abdul Khader Nadakattin? Padma Shri award winner agriculturalist from Karnataka

who is abdul khader nadakattin padma shri award winner agriculturalist from karnataka

Who is Abdul Khader Nadakattin? Padma Shri grant victor agriculturalist from Karnataka – Age, Wife, Family: On Monday (28th March 2022), Abdul Khader Nadakattin a grassroots cultivation innovator who hails from  Karnataka’s Dharwad got India’s astir prestigious Padma Shri Award from President Ram Nath Kovind for his large publication to agriculture. Not lone but helium has been credited with implicit 40 innovations that assistance tiny and marginal farmers crossed India. After receiving this award, Padma Shri awardee Abdul Khader Nadakattin said “I americium a communal husbandman but the Indian authorities has honored maine with the Padma Shri grant for the probe I person done connected machines which are utilized successful agriculture successful the past 35 years.” He further added that “I privation to dedicate this to each the farmers successful the country.” Follow More Update On

Abdul Khader Nadakattin

Who is Abdul Khader Nadakattin?

Abdul Khader Nadakattin was calved successful the twelvemonth 1953 successful Annigeri successful Dharwad territory which is successful Karnataka arsenic the lone lad of a affluent husbandman begetter and completed his ceremonial acquisition lone up to 10th Standard. However, helium was funny successful completing his studies but his begetter insisted that helium discontinue his ceremonial acquisition and crook to cultivation activities.

Abdul is fashionable for his innovations similar a tamarind effect separation device, a plowing blade-making machine, a water-heating boiler, a instrumentality tiller, a effect cum fertilizer drill, and an automatic sugarcane sowing driller. His solutions are considered precise applicable for communal formers and easy implemented connected their farms. His solutions are besides little harmful to the situation and cost-effective, hence accepted by the farmers.

Abdul Khader Nadakattin Padma Shri grant winner

His large accomplishment is successful doing farming connected the ground of agro-climatic conditions and besides investigating ungraded characteristics anterior to cultivating immoderate peculiar seeds. His archetypal invention was a “Water Alarm”. He invented this instrumentality for himself to flooded his contented of sleeping precocious successful the mornings. He knotted a bladed enactment to the extremity of the cardinal of the alarm to a vessel of h2o successful specified a mode that aft the alarm rings, h2o would autumn connected his face. He besides made agri-technologies and tools which are modern arsenic compared to earlier tools available.

Abdul has besides got a Lifetime Achievement Award from then-Indian President Pranab Mukherjee successful the twelvemonth 2015, astatine the clip of the NIF’s 8th National Grassroots Innovation and Outstanding Traditional Knowledge Awards. Other Padam Shri awardees from the authorities see Shri Subbanna Ayyappan hails from Karnataka for his publication to subject and engineering, Shri Amai Mahalinga Naik for Agriculture, Shri H R Keshavamurthy for Art successful Karnataka., Shri Siddhalingaiah, aft decease for his enactment successful the tract of lit and acquisition successful the state.

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