Who Is Alex Pasola And Why Is He Trending On Twitter And Instagram? Leaked Video Explained

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Who Is Alex Pasola And Why Is He Trending On Twitter And Instagram? Leaked Video Explained: Another video went viral on social media and as usual, garnered a lot of attention. Netizens are constantly looking to know about Alex Pasola whose video is recently creating a buzz on the web and increase the interest of the people to know more about it. After watching the craze of people, we are presented with some sort of information about Alex Pasola and about the case. As per our sources, Alex Pasola is a New York City promoter and Instagram Influencer who comes up to be cheating with a man in the video, which was taken semi-n@ked by his wife. He has indicated that he will explain the whole situation shortly on Instagram Live but has yet to do so, and it is not known if he will ever do so. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Alex Pasola

Alex Pasola

Who Is Alex Pasola alias Alexpasola Instagram?

Alex Pasola is a promoter who lives in New York City and Instagram influencer, though there are not many details about him present on social media. Pasola comes up to be in his late 40s, whilst the media had not disclosed his real age. He is wedded and comes up to be the father of a kid. Since his video went viral on social media, he has been trending on social media platforms.

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Alex Pasola Video Leaked On Twitter

His user name comes up on a lot of Instagram accounts, but no one knows if he made all of them or if they are all false. Every IG account has a different bio; some say; let’s change the page and move forward whereas others say Alternate account; follows me. I will clarify everything here. Individuals will continue to be puzzled until and unless he clarifies it as well.

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Why Is Alex Pasola Trending On Twitter And Instagram?

The video of Alex Pasola, which his wife captured, has gone famous on the web. In that video, it comes up as if he was cheating with a male, who was captured semi-n@ked with that video. Though because no official sources have reported on this, it is not clear what really occurred.

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Alex Pasola Caught Cheating On Spouse With Gay Man

Alex penned in the caption, “All of this has an explanation. I swear I have not said anything from my main account since my wife took my cell phone and I have not been able to use my other account, but now that this new account has 1,000 followers, I will do a live explanation of everything from the starting so that you understand, I apologize.” Netizens are keenly waiting for his IG live because he has not yet explained the video, in the spite of his promise to do so.

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