Who Is Amanda Quinonez and why was Eleanor Roosevelt High School Teacher Arrested? Charges explained

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Who Is Amanda Quinonez and why was Eleanor Roosevelt High School Teacher Arrested? Charges explained: A teacher in a California high school has been arrested for lewd behavior. Amanda Quinonez is an English teacher, and swim coach who has been detained with indecent actions with an underage male pupil. As per the probe, Amanda Quinonez, a teacher at Eleanor Roosevelt High School, was involved in indecent behaviors with one male pupil and disturbed harmful material to that kid, including explicit se**al photos. Since this case is still being probed, a lot of details are still being withheld, including the identity of her pupil. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Amanda Quinonez

Amanda Quinonez

Who Is Amanda Quinonez From Eastvale?

Amanda Quinonez is a 30-years-old English educator at  Eleanor Roosevelt High School who coaches water polo and swimming. As per the Sherrif’s Department of Riverside County, she is suspected of involving in obscene behavior with a male pupil and transmitting harmful stuff to the student, including explicit photos of a se**al nature. It is hard to say how long she had been the coach. Her personal life, particularly her family and marital life, is mysterious.

None of his close ones have been watched in the media yet that may be avoiding the media in order to prevent the uncomfortable inquiries. The new Roosevelt High School principal, Dr. Greg Anderson said that Corona-Norco School District and the school have 0 tolerance for behavior that endangers pupils. Her work situation after his apprehend has not been disclosed. The staff directory of the school still lists her.

Amanda Quinonez Arrested

Amanda Quinonez, a female adult educator at a California high school, has been charged with indecent behavior with a male student under the age of 18. The investigating officers from the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department went to the school after hearing that Quinonez had ‘done se*ual activities with a juvenile kid. As per the study, Quinonez acted in this manner with one male pupil, sending him explicit photos of a se*ual nature.

Since the probe is still underway, there are few details on this case, though officials may disclose more information as the case progresses. This looks like to be the 2nd time that a teacher and court have been accused of se**ual misconduct at the Southern California School.

Why was Amanda Quinonez Arrested?

As per the source, Amanda Quionexz was detained on Tuesday at the Robert Presley Detention Center in Riverside, California. She was charged with felony lewd actions with a child, criminal distribution of dangerous material to a child, and misdemeanor molesting of a child. As per officials, she was arrested on school grounds. She was released on bail on Wednesday and is planned to come up in court on 14th June 2022 at the Riverside Hall of Justice.

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