Who Is Amanda Schook? (Gretna) Omaha Woman Dies In Accident Along With Driver Sara Zimmerman


Amanda Schook, who lived in Gretna Omaha, Nebraska, died in a car accident at 192nd and F street on May 31, 2022. She was one of the people killed in the accident. Look into the accident case.

A pickup truck hit Amanda Schook’s SUV, killing her and her driver, Sara Zimmerman, and the two of them both died.

People in Gretna, NE named Amanda and Sara were both going through the intersection when a Ford 250 pickup truck came into the intersection, causing two cars to hit each other.

Driver and passenger of SUV were both killed in the fatal crash and the fire that broke out right after.

It was later found out that Zachary Paulison was the driver of the Ford 250 pickup truck. He was taken to the Bergan Mercy Hospital right away.

The case is being looked into, and the possible use of alcohol (DUI) is being looked at by the team in charge.

Report: Who Is Amanda Schook from Gretna?

This is what happened to Amanda Schook, who lived in Omaha, Nebraska. She died in a car accident at the intersection of 192nd Street and F Street. She was 38 years old.

She was with Sara Zimmerman, a driver who works for Douglas County Corrections.

In that car accident, Sara was 8 months pregnant. She was killed in the accident.

The accident happened on Thursday, March 31, 2022, at around 22:50. As soon as the accident was reported, the OPD Uniform Patrol Officers were sent to the road intersection.

The two women who were in the SUV were found dead at the scene, and their car was on fire when the police first came to them.

Take a look at how Amanda Schook and Sara Zimmerman got into an accident

Two people were killed when their SUV hit a Ford 250 pickup truck. Amanda Schook and Sara Zimmerman were both killed in the crash.

Zachary Paulison, the driver of the Ford, was taken right away and sent to the Bergan Mercy Hospital, where he is being treated for serious back and chest fractures.

Amanda Schook’s Family History

Amanda Schook’s family hasn’t been very well-known since the car crash that killed her.