Who Is Balaji Ariyanan and How Is He Related To The Coppell ISD Bullying Incident?

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The Coppell ISD Bullying Incident has resurfaced in the news after a new identity, Balaji Ariyanan, has been linked to the case. Who is he? Here’s what we currently know.

A social media user named Balaji Aryanan shared a post on the Coppell ISD bullying incident. Balaji also provided a side of the tale that was not revealed in the video.

After being physically assaulted and choked by another student, a student named Shaan Pritmani, an Indian-American student from the Coppell Independent School District in Texas, made news on the internet.

Furthermore, the video was released and went viral in a matter of seconds, capturing people’s attention in a flash. In addition, Dr. Brad Hunt, the Coppell ISD’s director, has stated that the disclosed video of an Indian ancestry pupil is being investigated.

Balaji Ariyanan

Balaji Ariyanan

Who Is Balaji Ariyanan and How Is He Related To The Coppell ISD Bullying Incident?

Balaji Aryan, a social media user, has made headlines for his involvement in the Coppell ISD Bullying Incident. Balaji made headlines after sharing a photo from the encounter on his Instagram account.

In response to the post, Aryanan stated that his daughter attended the same school, and that the video did not depict the entire story of the incident. Aryanan revealed that a young Indian American boy named Shaan began fighting and slagging white people and his sister.

Sonika Kukreja and Shaan Pritmani’s Mother Reacts Heartbreakingly To Their Sons’ Bullying At Coppell ISD

Shaan was also ordered to leave the table, and when he refused, he was escorted away. Balaji further said that the two children and their parents responded inappropriately and disseminated the video without regard for the tale.

We discovered that he was furious because the school district and administrator had been interrogated and hauled to the dirty laundry.

Name And Information About Balaji Ariyanan’s Daughter

Aryanan Balaji was a normal guy before being tied to the Coppell ISD Bullying Incident, as previously stated. He is, however, gaining attention due to a post he made regarding a bullying event.

Aryanan also claimed that his daughter goes to the same school, and she spoke about a different aspect of the incident that was not featured in the viral video.

As a result, many inquire about his daughter’s identity and name, which are absent from the sources. We have no idea what her name is or anything else about her.

Don’t worry, we’ll keep you updated when more information regarding the case and Balaji’s daughter becomes available.

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