Who is Bami Kuteyi? UK Woman Quit Her Job At Google, Now Earns $125K By Teaching How To TWERK

who is bami kuteyi uk woman quit her job at google now earns 125k by teaching how to twerk

In 2015, Bami Kuteyi worked as a marketing executive for Google, but she left and now makes $125,000 per year teaching people how to twerk. After quitting her work at the digital giant, the 29-year-old British woman launched her own company, ‘Twerk After Work,’ which now has over 10,000 Instagram followers.

According to Kuteyi, who spoke to My London, “It was a lot of pleasure getting a job at Google. I remember informing all of my university buddies and feeling like I was accomplishing something incredible. I never envisaged landing a job at Google right after graduation. However, after I arrived at Google, I struggled to fit in and find my voice in a place where I didn’t feel welcome. On my squad, I was the only black person.”

Bami Kuteyi

Bami Kuteyi

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“I wanted to establish a welcoming environment where everyone could come and have a good time. While at Google, I founded Bam Bam Boogie and Twerk After Work, which was a huge success. People lined up outside the door to participate, and people peered in through the windows, and it quickly became the most popular employee-led event on the Google campus. At Google, I nailed it “Kuteyi went on.

“It grew larger as a result of social media, and I began to attract more attention. It was fantastic when I started taking classes all over the place. I began to feel a desire within myself to help more people and do better work, and individuals began to invite me to visit other countries. We evolved into a place where individuals could simply come and be themselves “Kuteyi, a Greenwich resident, added.

Despite knowing it was a risk, Kuteyi left Google in 2018 and founded Twerk After Work. The lessons, according to My London, include high-intensity warm-ups, positive affirmations, learning exercises, an empowerment circle, and then boosting each other up. It’s all about making women feel fantastic, regardless of their age. “I miss Google for the free lunches and dinners,” she remarked, “but other than that, I’m really thrilled to be doing what I’m doing.”

“I’m feeling a lot more free and in charge of my time, and I’m seeing the results of my efforts. People send me messages stating they never believed they’d be able to achieve it or that they’ve been motivated to quit their jobs and pursue their own goals. I’m just going about my business, but it’s nice to know that I’m making a difference “Kuteyi elaborated. According to her company’s official website, “A dancing fitness movement where it’s not about what you can accomplish, but who you are!”

Kuteyi, like every other business during the age of social separation, had to close her studios due to the epidemic. She refused to give up on her ambition, though, and instead decided to turn it into an internet business. “We had to create an online community, train instructors all around the world, and give classes all over the internet. It was difficult for a new company to go through, but we made it. We had to close with only a few days’ notice, “She provided information.

“To get this company to where it is now, I had to invest in myself and train to become an expert at what I do. This year, my company is predicted to generate $125,000 in revenue. It’s almost weird to think about it. Knowing that my company will make that much money makes me think, “Wow, girl, you really did that,” and I’m only touching the surface “Kuteyi came to a conclusion.

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