Who Is Boombl4cs’s Wife Angelika Mikhailova aka Lika Liqueen? Their Divorce Drama Explained

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Angelika Mikhailova is a Russian actress. Boombl4cs, a Russian elite Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player, has a gorgeous wife named Aka Lika Liqueen.

Liqueen and Boonbl4cs are no longer husband and wife. Through his Twitter account @Boombl4CS, former NAVI captain announces his divorce from his wife.

Even after their divorce, his wife blackmailed him with various images and films for money, according to his post. He intends to file lawsuits.

Boombl4cs & Angelika Mikhailova

Boombl4cs & Angelika Mikhailova

VIDEO: Who Is Angelika Mikhailova aka Lika Liqueen?

Angelika Mikhailova is a Russian actress. With different images and videos, Aka Lika Liqueen has blackmailed her ex-husband Boombl4cs.

Born and raised in Russia Liqueen is a young family doctor who will show you how to live a healthy, beautiful, and young life for up to 100 years. She is a graduating doctor from Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University, according to her Instagram account.

The lady has uploaded a photo of herself clutching her diploma and cap on her graduation day. She never underestimated her enthusiasm for fashion and modeling, while being a medical student.

She is a stylish doctor and the mother of a young son. The doctor believes that mental work can help us avoid dementia in old life and maintain mental clarity till death.

The lady is pleased with herself for graduating from Russian institutions with excellent USE scores. She is well aware of the arduous nature of her studies.

Boombl4cs’s Wife and Divorce- What Happened?

Angelika Mikhailova Aka Lika Liqueen, Boombl4cs’ wife, just issued a divorce statement.

After his divorce declarations were made public, the captain of the NAVI exposed the blackmail. His wife must have video and photographic evidence of his drug use.

Lika made the charges, according to Dexerto, on her Telegram channel, where she released a video of Boombl4 inhaling a powdery white drug. She accused him of being a complete drug addict who had cheated on her several times.

It’s unfortunate to learn that the couple divorced after only five months of marriage. Following NAVI’s victory on the PGL Major Stockholm stage, Boombl4 proposed to Angelika. It was the tournament final vs G2 Esports.

Lika has previously stated that she was planning to divorce her spouse on April 21. Since the beginning of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the duo has been in the spotlight in the CS: GO community.

The conflict between them appears to have begun with the invasion of Ukraine. LiQueen made anti-Ukraine sentiments, whereas Boombl4 was heavily chastised since he played for a Ukrainian team.

Know More About Lika Liqueen’s Love Life

Lika Liqueen had a previous connection with her ex-boyfriend, according to the source.

Her love life has been a disaster for her. She met a guy throughout her adolescence who got her pregnant. Despite the man’s threats to terminate the kid, she gave birth to a boy.

Her son is now six years old. After LiQueen’s son was born two years ago, her lover stopped talking to her. It was the biggest betrayal she had ever experienced. Her father and brother aided her in the upbringing of her son.

She went on to University and became a medical officer after that.

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