Who Is Boxer Julius Francis’ Wife? Everything To Know About

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British boxer Julius Francis was in a fight even though he had been out of the ring for years.

After he knocked out a man at Wembley Boxpark, the former heavyweight champion has been talked about a lot in the news. He was there to keep people safe, and he gave the man a right-hand punch that knocked him out.

Before he became a security guard, he tried to get a job in the entertainment business. He was also interested in mixed martial arts (MMA), but it didn’t work out. But his career as a boxer saved his life.

Boxer Julius

Boxer Julius

Who Is Boxer Julius Francis’ Wife?

Fans of the boxer Julius, who used to be a pro, are looking for his wife now that he is in the spotlight. The former Commonwealth Heavy Weight Champion has never talked about his private life.

The former athlete is also talked about on Wikipedia, but unlike some other famous people, there is no information about his personal life. Also, he works as a security guard at the BoxPark in Wembley at the moment.

Besides that, he also seems to have an Instagram account. In his social media bio, he wrote that he loves his kids and family. But so far, no information about them has been found on the internet.

Also, the Daily Mail said that he was a drug dealer and spent time in prison before he changed his life and became a professional boxer. During his 20-year career, which was full of ups and downs, he also fought Mike Tyson.

Julius Francis Net Worth 2022 As Former Boxer ?

As an English former professional boxer, Julius is likely to have a large net worth by 2022. Like most athletes, he may have made a lot of money over the course of his career. His Wiki says that between the mid-1990s and the early 2000s, he was in some important boxing matches.

We also think he may have made investments that are paying off well. He also took part in mixed martial arts fights during his career. Still, he used to be the European heavyweight champion in kickboxing.

Later in 2012, he also played Othello in the modern version of Shakespeare’s play Ring Envy, called Ring Envy. But, unfortunately, he wasn’t in the news for a long time.

Julius Francis Knocked out a Man at Boxpark- Know What Happened?

The former boxer was working as a security guard at Boxpark Wembley when he knocked out a man who was being mean to many people in the crowd. Then, with one swing, he put the man to sleep. The video is all over the internet, going viral. As things were getting worse, he took the step.

The CEO of the company also talked about what happened and said so on his Twitter account. He said that the security team tried for 15 minutes to stop him and his friend. They were rude to customers and employees and hit, spat on, and swore at them.

The person in charge said that Francis moved after the man talked to him. So, to protect himself, he did something. He also asked the people what they would do if someone came up to them in a violent way.

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