Who Is bubblebratz2 tiktok? Her Real Name and Age, Instagram Details

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Bubblebratz2 is a TikTok Star who had a lot of fans all over the world before she was banned from the app for good.

She was more active on the app TikTok, where every day her videos went viral. She got a huge number of fans on the same platform, which helped her grow on other platforms as well.

On June 6, 2021, the influencer was kicked off of TikTok. She posted a screenshot of TikTok banning her account and asked her fans to follow her backup accounts.



Who Is bubblebratz2 tiktok?

Bubblebratz2 is a popular female TikTok user whose videos got a lot of attention from the public. For now, she uses her backup TikTok account, which is called @fakebubblebratz.

Bubblebratz2 There was so much inappropriate content on TikTok that it was banned for good. Before she was banned, she had about 40,100 followers, and her videos had 174,200 likes. She took a picture of the message from TikTok telling her she was banned and asked her fans to support her new account.

Her new TikTok account has even more fans, and her videos continue to go viral on social media. It’s her third account, since her first two accounts were deleted for good. She has 101.6K followers, and her 91 videos have been liked by 623K people.

She can be found on Twitter under the name @bubblebratz, where she has 565.4 K followers.

Bubblebratz2 Real Name and Age?

We don’t know much about Maddie’s family or personal life. The star keeps her fans entertained with creative posts on several social media sites. Aside from this, she hasn’t talked about herself or her life on any of the platforms.

Maddie’s exact date of birth is unknown, but her pictures can give us a good idea. The month of February is when she was born. She might be around 20 years old.

Bubblebratz2 Instagram Details?

Bubblebratz also has an account on Instagram. She also has a back-up account in case her main account gets banned.

@bubblebratz0 is her Instagram handle, and she has 256 K followers and 20 posts. She uses her real name Maddie on her Instagram and her bio says, Digital Creator.

Her backup account @bubblebratz_ has 98.4 K followers with only 17 posts. It can be seen that the influencer is popular throughout all her social media profiles.

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