Who Is Christopher Alexander Morgan? Man Arrested In Flight To Phoenix

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Christopher Alexander Morgan, a homophobic passenger, was apprehended after allegedly hurling anti-gay slurs and a phone at a flight attendant.

Christopher Alexander Morgan Arrested In Flight

Christopher Alexander Morgan Arrested In Flight
Christopher Alexander Morgan Arrested In Flight

A Phoenix Passenger named Christopher Alexander Morgan is currently in the news after being caught by the FBI.

In reality, the FBI arrests Christopher Alexander Morgan, a Delta First-class passenger, after he calls a flight attendant a “f*g” for refusing to serve him more booze.

During a police interview, he also struck the victim with a phone before confessing to being homophobic.

Christopher Alexander Morgan was reportedly flying first-class from Atlanta to Phoenix when he became combative with the flight attendants.

Who Is Christopher Alexander Morgan?

Christopher Alexander Morgan, a Delta aircraft passenger, has been arrested.

However, his professional experience and Wikipedia information have yet to be discovered.

Despite this, he made news after being arrested at the end of a Delta flight for allegedly yelling anti-gay insults, refusing to obey directions, and throwing a glass of ice and an onboard phone at a flight attendant.

Why Is Christopher Alexander Morgan Arrested?

As previously stated, Christopher Alexander Morgan was apprehended by the FBI after he misbehaved and abused flight personnel and passengers.

Christopher Alexander Morgan allegedly called the nameless Delta employee “gay” and “fag” and hit him with a cabin phone on the flight from Atlanta to Phoenix on April 22.

Morgan allegedly became agitated and threw ice at a flight attendant, assaulted one with an intercom handset, and smashed a glass in the face of a customer.

He is accused of interfering with flight crew members or attendants, which could result in a 20-year prison sentence.

Christopher Alexander Morgan Net Worth And Family

The net worth of Christopher Alexander Morgan is believed to be between $100,000 and $500,000 USD.

However, no information about his true net worth has been published on the internet.

Netizens speculate that he is a wealthy man because he was a First class passenger. However, we currently have no information about his career or net worth.

On the other side, there is currently no information on his family members.

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