Who Is Dale McEwen? Regina Man $70 Million Lotto Max Winner – Age, Wife, Photos

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Who Is Dale McEwen? Regina Man $70 Million Lotto Max Winner – Age, Wife, Photos: On the internet, the news goes viral on the internet that a man has won a lottery for $70 million. He became a millionaire in just a couple of moments. He won this lottery at the Lotto Max jackpot, the largest ever to be won in the Western Canada lottery region. Some people are very lucky while some were not. In the lottery scenario, only 1% of people will win it while 99% rejected it. And in Dale McEwan’s scenario, he came under the 1% people. That’s why he got lucky and that’s why he won the lottery. In this article, we gonna discuss briefly, from the very start to the end, how he bought the ticket and how did he win this lottery. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Dale McEwen

Dale McEwen

Who Is Dale McEwen?

Dale McEwan bought the ticket in Dunmore, Alta on April 11. To buy the ticket, he has to go through so many processes and intense verification processes. Many say that his winning was confirmed and we believe in him. Those people are just guessing it, they don’t know the actual truth.

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But when the official statement came on the internet that McEwan has won the lottery of $70 million. He can’t even believe it. He verifies the number thrice until he got confirmation himself that he won the lottery. Later on, McEwan was presented with his cheque on Tuesday at the Saskatchewan in Regina. He says I can’t describe in words that  I just won the lottery. These are the rarest and most difficult chances that a person has won the lottery. It’s like finding a needle in the desert. And I was one of them.

Regina Man Dale McEwen $70 Million Lotto Max Winner

He continues to say, Dreaming about winning and actually winning are two different things. You think you know what it would feel like, but when the money is in your hands, your mind will not stop and you can’t even sleep. Your mind will tell you, to buy all things that you always dreamt of. Don’t hesitate to look at the price tag. You have enough amount of money.

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That day was the most beautiful day in his life. He and his wife both go to a fancy hotel and live in the best luxurious hotel. Now from that amount of money, he can buy anything he liked. Whether he buys an iPhone, a MacBook, or a Lamborghini. He can do anything with the money.

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