Who Is Dana Higginbotham? All About Lucas Hnath Mother Whose Real Life Story Is Depicted In Dana H Play

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The 2019 Broadway show “Dana H” is a tribute to the painful time Dana Higginbotham was held hostage and tortured in 1997.

The play that Les Waters directed was written by her son, the playwright Lucas Hnath. Dana was played by the award-winning character actress Deidre O’Connell.

Dana in real life and Dana in the play worked together to bring the painful memory to the stage. In the end, both the audience and the critics liked it.

dana higginbotham

dana higginbotham

Who Is Dana Higginbotham? Wikipedia Bio

The main thing people know about Dana Higginbotham is that she is the mother of the playwright Lucas Hnath.

Since her son came up with the idea of “Dana H,” she has been in many news stories since 2019. She has been a chaplain at a Florida hospital’s psychiatric unit.

Because she worked at the hospital, her abuser, who was obsessed with her, found her. But strong Dana has moved on from her bad “five months” and spoken up in the play.

In the play, the actress lip-synced to what Dana said. Even though her marriage ended and the traumatic event happened, everyone praised Dana for being brave enough to tell her story and face the camera.

Elisabeth Vincentelli of The New Yorker said that the production of the play is both stunning and scary.

Lucas Hnath Mother Dana Higginbotham From Dana H Play

If you look at Dana Higginbotham’s pictures, you can tell that she is in her 60s or 70s.

Based on the fact that her son Lucas Hnath is in his early 40s, Dana from the play “Dana H” is getting older in a good way.

She hasn’t told the interesting people who watch “Dana H” and are interested in her birthday yet. The traumatic events came to light in 2019, more than 20 years after the fact.

Dana Higginbotham Story Of Escape From Her Kidnapper

Dana Higginbotham met Jim, a psychiatric patient with a violent past, while she was in the Florida hospital.

He was raised in the Aryan Brotherhood, so he did bad things and went to jail. As a caring doctor, she talked to Jim when he tried to kill himself twice.

She also let him stay at her house for Christmas because he had nowhere else to go. As Jim became obsessed with her, he saw her kindness in a different way.

Independent says that Jim used to cling to her like a child to a teddy bear. In the play, Dana’s voice revealed more about her abusive past when Jim broke all the rules of their relationship and took her away.

After Dana and her husband got a divorce, she was living alone in Florida. Jim broke into her apartment, beat her up, and gave her a “five months” she will never forget.

Between Florida and North Carolina, Jim forced her to move from motel to motel, where he hurt her both physically and mentally.

Dana has gotten over the incident and all the mental problems it caused, and she is ready to try new things.

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