Who Is Daniel Issac Marquez? Check 10-year-old Boy Mugshot Crime Charges and Reports

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A 10-year-old boy named Daniel Issac Marquez has been detained for reportedly threatening to assault his school. According to accounts, Daniel texted a photo of four weapons to a friend and informed him that he had purchased them. The youngster attends Patriot Elementary School in Cape Coral and is in fifth grade.

A tipster forwarded the above-mentioned text message to authorities, and he was arrested. The news is accurate, as shocking as it may appear. In the story below, you may learn more about the situation and the young boy.

Daniel Isaac Marquez

Daniel Isaac Marquez

Who Is Daniel Issac Marquez?

Daniel Issac Marquez’s mugshot and arrest footage were published by Florida authorities on Monday, May 30, 2022. After he was suspected of threatening to shoot up his school, authorities detained him.

Lee County Sheriff Carmine Marceno revealed that they ran a campaign termed “false danger, real consequence.” Carmine went on to say that while he recognises that the youngster is 10-years-old and a juvenile since his brain is still developing, the consequences of a young boy touching a trigger would be the same regardless of age. The little boy was brought into custody for this reason.

The sheriff’s office released a video to Facebook on Saturday showing the fifth grader being detained for the claimed text-message threat. A tipster forwarded the communication to deputies on May 28, as previously stated.

The minor’s crime may appear to be a joke, but it is not. Daniel was detained in order to utilise him as a role model for other children his age not to take gun violence seriously. According to accounts, Daniel told his friend that he had made money by defrauding another student and then showed him a Google image of a bundle of cash to prove it.

Following the text, the fifth grader texted an image of four assault rifles to his pal. Daniel stated that he purchased the items himself and texted his pal, “Get ready for water day.” For those unfamiliar, water day is a school celebration during which pupils partake in water activities, hinting that he chose that day to allegedly carry out an attack.

Marceno, according to NBC, described the student’s actions as “sickening,” especially in light of the recent tragedy in Uvalde, Texas. The news has gotten a lot of attention from the internet community. Needless to say, school shootings have become a frequent occurrence and a source of concern.

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