Who Is Daniel Sanchez From Colorado? Shot And Killed His Ex-Girlfriend Beatriz Cintora-Silva

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Daniel Sanchez, of Colorado, was deceased Beatriz Cintra- Silva’s ex-boyfriend, who made a grave move in a jealous rage. As a result, the two persons became unwitting victims of the lovers’ quarrel.

Daniel Sanchez was a convicted felon who had previously been accused of kidnapping.

After committing many murders, this average man made headlines in 2012 and instilled fear in the public. As a result, he made that incident one of the worst domestic violence instances in Colorado history.

Daniel Sanchez

Daniel Sanchez

Who is Daniel Sanchez, the Colorado man accused of killing three people? Age

Daniel Sanchez, a 30-year-old Colorado man, assassinated his ex-girlfriend Beatriz, her sister Cintora-Silva, and Cintora’s husband.

To put it another way, Sanchez was a 31-year-old enraged ex-boyfriend who committed a triple murder-suicide in 2012. Similarly, he was also known as Pablo Sanchez.

He shot the three of them with a gun before finally killing himself and committed suicide on the spot. Daniel was detained and charged with false kidnapping and harassment before the murder, according to Beatriz. He was released the next day after paying $10,000 in bail after spending one day and night in jail.

Why did Daniel Sanchez kill his ex-girlfriend Beatriz Cintora-Silva Case of Murder-Suicide

Daniel Sanchez shot and killed his ex-girlfriend Beatriz Cintora-Silva, claiming that she had cheated on him with another guy.

He used such a heinous way after catching his lover cheating on him with a man named Roy half a year earlier.

What’s more distressing and terrifying is that one of the victims was murdered while calling 911. Beatriz, in reality, was the one who called 911 to report the threat. She was only giving them her address and informing them that it was an emergency. However, the sound of a gunshot was later heard. Daniel Sanchez, the assassin, shot both her and himself while on the phone.

Before shooting himself, he revealed to 911 that he had killed three people and was planning to kill himself.

Family of Daniel Sanchez

Daniel Sanchez annihilated a family of three, and he also annihilated himself.

He committed a terrible crime by murdering a married couple who may have had plans and dreams of starting a new life and creating their own love nest. However, his emotions of rage, hostility, and great jealously towards his fiancée overtook him, forcing him to live the life of a new couple and Beatriz.

To protect his family’s privacy, his personal information has not been made public on the internet.

Daniel Sanchez may be found on Facebook

On Facebook, there are few posts regarding Daniel Sanchez, and even the stories have been shared.

Criminally Listed, a Facebook page, posted audio and video detailing the horrible murder-suicide scenario.

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