Who Is Dontarious Sylvester From Tuttle Mall Shooting? Tyrone Gray Jr Arrested As The Prime Suspect

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Tyrone Gray Jr. shot and killed Dontarious Sylvester, who was 25 years old, at Tuttle Shopping Mall after the two men had a fight. Find out more about the terrible shooting.

At 3:03 p.m. on Sunday, a shooting at the Sole Stop Shoe Store killed one person. The shooting happened in broad daylight. Tyrone Gray Jr. got into a heated argument with Dontarious Sylvester. After they talked for a while, Gray Jr. shot Sylvester several times and tried to run away. Soon after, the Columbus Police showed up at the scene of the crime and caught him in the parking lot. People said the argument was short, and the shooting happened at 2:41 p.m.

Dontarious Sylvester From Tuttle Mall Shooting

Dontarious Sylvester From Tuttle Mall Shooting

Who Is Dontarious Sylvester From Tuttle Mall Shooting?

Dontarious Sylvester was shot and killed at the Tuttle Mall on Sunday afternoon. He was shot multiple times and killed by Tyrone Gray Jr., with whom he had a short fight and argument.

Tyrone Gray Jr. is from Mansfield, and he is 24 years old. He was arrested and charged with first-degree murder for shooting Dontarious several times in the Tuttle Shopping Mall’s Sole Stop Shoe Center. According to the police report, he was trying to get away from the crime scene when he was caught in the mall parking lot.

Sergeant Joe Albert of the Columbus Police, which was the first to respond to the crime report on Sunday and the first to be called, said that Gray shot at the shoe store with his gun. His anger killed a young man whose only mistake was to start a fight with Tyrone in that mall. According to the Columbus crime report, this shooting at a mall is at least the fifth shooting near a major mall in the central Ohio area. There have been sad events in the past, like when two shots were fired in March 2021 and August 2021, just two weeks apart. Open gun shooting is a terrible crime that is happening more and more in the US, and gun licencing has been brought up many times as a solution.

Tyrone Gray Jr Arrested For Tuttle Mall Shooting?

At 2:41 p.m., Tyrone Gray Jr. shot at Dontarious inside the Tuttle Mall. This happened right after the two men talked about something and said they didn’t like it. It was said that Dontarious hit Gray with his wallet on video surveillance. After that, several shots were fired in the Tuttle mall’s second-floor sole stop shoe store. The Columbus police arrived quickly at the scene of the crime and told Dontarious Sylvester, 25, that he was dead at about 3:03 pm.

Tyrone Gray Jr Indicted Of Shooting Crime- What Are His Charges?

Tyrone Gray Jr. and Dontarious can be seen in a shopping mall video having a fight and arguing with each other. The victim is then said to have hit Gray with a wallet after the fight. Tyrone pulled out his gun right away, shot Dontarious several times, and then left the scene.

Gray told police that he had shot Sylvester when he was questioned by a detective at police headquarters on Monday. He said that he had done it in self-defense. Court documents show that at least 15 people were in the store when the shooting happened. The charges against Tyrone Gray have not been decided yet, but he is already in jail for first degree murder.

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