Who Is Eel Pit Guy on Tiktok? Nick Tobler Makes News As Eel Daddy And Twitter Has Opinions

who is eel pit guy on tiktok nick tobler makes news as eel daddy and twitter has opinions

Nick Tobler is known as “eel daddy” on TikTok. He has an eel pit in his basement and raises eels. Huge numbers of people watch to see what he does with his eel-daddy.

In the past few years, TikTok has been the platform and chance for people to go viral. It seems like every influencer is full of new ideas for TikTok videos, and it only takes a short time to get to the top. One way to keep the name on the platform is to make a constant buzz with fresh, creative content.

Nick Tobler, who is known on TikTok as @cowturtle, recently went viral for having a creepy eel pit in his basement, which made fans of ray-finned fish comment a lot about how thirsty they were.

Many of the comments are sexually suggestive, calling Tobler a “eel daddy” or trying to connect with him through their love of aquatic animals. Some people have been happy about the idea of a man building an eel pit in his basement, but others have been scared and said it’s scary.

Nick Tobler

Nick Tobler

Who is Eel Pit Guy on Tiktok?

Nick Tobler, who is known as “Eel Pit Guy” on TikTok, has an eel pit in his basement. People on the platform have watched a lot of his videos about how much he loves sea life. Nick has an unusual habit: he keeps eels in his basement. Tobler’s TikTok handle is @cowturtle, and 326,000 people follow him to see what he does on the site.

When Tobler moved into a new house in March of last year, he came to a surprising conclusion: his basement would be a great place for an eel pond. He put in air pumps and a cinder block boardwalk for the eel to walk on. He also put goldfish and other small sea creatures in the pond to make it the perfect place for the eel.

Tobler had also thought for a long time about building a “animal enclosure” inside his house, but the basement of his new house was perfect for raising eels, which need water that is cold and dark. He says that it is completely waterproof. He went on to say that right now it is a cave, but he might turn it into a swamp in the future. For him, there are a lot of choices.

Nick Tobler Age: How Old Is He?

Based on how he looks, Nick Tobler is thought to be between 25 and 30 years old. Also, his real age and date of birth have not been revealed as of yet.

His private life is mostly unknown to the public because he has kept it secret. Tobler’s social media posts are going viral, and he has only posted videos about aquatic life, which is something he is very interested in.

What Is Eel Pit Guy Net Worth?

Nick Tobler, who is also known as the Eel Pit Guy, is thought to be worth around $500,000. People are talking about his plan to build an eel pit in his basement, and his videos are getting more and more views.

He has a big social media following: 324.6k people follow him on TikTok and 99.9k people follow him on Instagram.

Nick also has an account on YouTube with about 3.8K subscribers.

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