Who Is EL Muerto? Marvel Spider Man Star Played By Bad Bunny

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Who Is EL Muerto? Marvel Spider-Man Star Played By Bad Bunny: If you are a fan of the Marvel series, and you are excited for knowing about the Bunny, who announced the new Sony Marvel Film coming to theatres on January 12, 2024. Bunny whose real name is Benito Antonio Martinez Ocasio has been announced as the star of EL Muerto, the new Sony Marvel film coming in the year 2024. Bunny is the most owned character by Sony, which is usually used by Sony. Its means the character will be in the same universe as characters like Venom (played by Tom Hardy) rather than in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

el muerto marvel spider man reddit

el muerto marvel spider man reddit

Marvel Spider-Man Star Played By Bad Bunny

If you are a fan of superhero spiderman, you would definitely like the character. But El Muerto is a lesser-known comic back character. He would become Bad Bunny’s first Latino actor leading. So be ready for the watching of the movie in 2024. Now makers have just announced the making of the movie. It will take time more than a year to complete. so makers fix the date to January 2024. It will be the best time for the releasing the movie as per the makers.

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Who is El Muerto?

Whenever we read comic books, we always read a character El Muerto, who usually played the role of a spider-man villain. He played the negative character, but he is a very famous character, which is very liked by the viewers too.

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His real name is Juan-Carlos Estrada Sanchez. The name El Muerto is a family one- Sanchez comes from a long line of wrestlers who call themselves by that name and have some magical wrestling masks that give them superpowers. We know that he only speaks English in comic books. So this is the great news for the Marvel fans that, it is going to set to release its first bilingual film. The most powerful mask which is called as Magical mask in the comic gave a high level of power.

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From the beginning when the comic books went start written. From that time to now, it has been a strong fan following among its followers. So it is a great present for the fans of the Marvel series, which is going to create a film, which would be released in January 2024.

At the start of this story, it has won millions of hearts, and still, now it has a strong fan following.

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