Who Is Ethan Putterman From Singapore And Why Is This NUS Political Science Professor Fired?

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Ethan Putterman, a professor of political science at NUS, has been sacked for unethical and unprofessional behavior toward students. Everything you need to know is right here.

Ethan PuttermanEthan Putterman

Ethan Putterman

Ethan Putterman, a political science professor at NUS, was fired after he acted unethically with students.

The National University of Singapore (NUS) also fired Professor Ethan for misbehaving.

Associate Professor Ethan Putterman of NUS’ political science department was fired after it was discovered that he had acted inappropriately and unprofessionally with a student.

He is the fourth NUS employee reported to have been fired for inappropriate behavior in the last two years.

Who Is NUS Political Science Professor Ethan Putterman?

Ethan Putterman, a professor of political science at NUS, specializes in Western political thought and has been a member of the department since 2001.

He has also published numerous journal articles on political philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau. One of the previously fired employees was a professor in the political science department.

In response to enquiries from The Straits Times about Prof Putterman, a spokeswoman from NUS’ Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences said that a police report had been filed and that an investigation was still ongoing. The response made no mention of Prof. Putterman. A report was received saying that a member of staff had acted improperly with a student.

Why Was Ethan Putterman Fired? Reddit Story Explained

Ethan Putterman was sacked on March 3 after the NUS received a complaint alleging sexual misconduct against a student.

According to Reddit, he was fired for acting inappropriately and unprofessionally toward a student on campus. Many students from the same college have also joined the Reddit thread and shared their stories.

Prof. Putterman’s NUS profile page was taken off early this month.

Ethan Putterman Facebook And Family

Ethan Putterman’s profile is missing from social media sites including Facebook and Twitter.

Despite this, when the police report was filed, a number of news outlets on Facebook ran a report about the NUS professor.

His family members, on the other hand, have yet to make any public statements about this.

His family and friends, we believe, must feel embarrassed by his indecent behavior.

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