Who Is Felicia Sonmez? Bio, Wiki, Career, Controversy & Age

who is felicia sonmez bio wiki career controversy age

Felicia Sonmez, a reporter for the Washington Post, called out fellow reporter David Weigl for retweeting something that was sexist. This led the Washington Post to suspend Weigl.

Felicia Sonmez is an American journalist who lives in Washington, D.C. She is a national reporter for The Washington Post’s team that breaks political news.

After Kobe Bryant died, she posted a link to an article about sexual assault claims against him. In January 2020, she was suspended for this.

Felicia brought David Weigl’s sexist retweet to the public’s attention and criticized it. This led the Washington Post to suspend him for a month without pay.

Felicia Sonmez

Felicia Sonmez

Who Is Felicia Sonmez? Wikipedia & Biography

Felicia Sonmez is a national political reporter based in Washington, D.C. She covers breaking news from the White House, Congress, and the campaign trail. She does not, however, have a Wikipedia page.

In 2005, she got her Bachelor of Arts in Government from Harvard University. She had lived in Beijing before for more than four years, first as a reporter for Agence France-Presse and then as the editor of The Wall Street Journal’s China Real Time Report.

Sonmez also spent a year as a Blakemore Freeman Fellow at Tsinghua University, where he learned advanced Chinese. From 2010 to 2013, she worked for The Washington Post as a writer for The Fix and then as a reporter covering Congress and the 2012 election.

Felicia Sonmez Age: How old is the reporter for the Washington Post?

Felicia Sonmez is a reporter for the Washington Post. She is 39 years old. She was born in the United States in the year 1983.

She started her career by teaching English in Beijing. She has also written about US politics for the Asahi Shimbun and National Journal’s The Hotline. She also wrote in the early days of President Barack Obama’s second term.

Felicia has also filed a lawsuit against the paper and some of its top staff members for discrimination. But recently, the lawsuit was thrown out.

David Weigel was put on leave after Felicia Sonmez filed a complaint

The Washington Post fired reporter Dave Weigel after his coworker Felicia Sonmez told him off for retweeting a joke that made fun of women.

Friday, reporter Felicia Sonmez gave a copy of a tweet from YouTube host Cam Harless that said, “Every woman is gay and straight. Now, all you need to do is decide if it’s polar or sexual.” Weigel later sent that tweet out again.

“Editors have made it clear to the employees that the tweet was disgusting and that demanding language or actions like that will not be tolerated,” Washington Post Chief Communications Officer Kris Coratti told Fox News.

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