Who Is Felina Kee AKA Food By Felina Meet MasterChef NZ 2022 Contestant

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Felina Kee, alias Food By Felina, is a 77-year-old Otago teacher who spoke out about a supposedly hazardous environment and a staged competition. Learn more about her personal and professional background.

Felina Kee is a New Zealand teacher who rose to prominence after competing in the MasterChef NZ 2022 season. Her cooking technique is described as an eclectic mix that emphasizes other cultures and cuisines.

And Kee believes that her intense passion for cooking and years of experience in the kitchen will help her win the seventh season of the show. She has lately spoken out about her time on the show, which drew her into controversy.

Kee claimed on her Facebook page that the show’s production is a “false reality TV show” with “argument, backstabbing, and unsafe working circumstances” that are harmful to the participants’ well-being.

Felina Kee

Felina Kee

Who is Felina Kee, aka Food By Felina, from MasterChef New Zealand?

Felina Kee, or Food by Felina, is a MasterChef NZ contestant and a teacher by trade. She has a lot of kitchen experience. Her sole motivation for entering this area is to share her simple-to-follow recipes with other home cooks through her own television show.

Kee is also active on social media with the handle @foodbyfelina. As a result, when she discussed the show on her Facebook page, she sparked a debate. As previously stated, Kee claimed that the show was staged and heavily scripted.

Warner Bros. responded to the allegations by denying all of them. Kee had not voiced any issues with the production team, according to Bros. Kee said that rivals were pressured to give personal information in paper and on tape.

Felina Kee’s Age, Bio & Wiki

Felina Kee has 44 years on this planet. She resides in Otago, a New Zealand region located in the southern part of the South Island and administered by the Otago Regional Council. She is committed to sustainable food practices and the use of fresh, local, and seasonal ingredients.

Kee posts several dishes that she cooks at home on her social media sites. As a result, her greatest ambition is to host her own television show where she can share her recipes with the public. So she entered MasterChef NZ to realize her goal.

Felina Kee Is Married To Her Husband

Felina Kee is a married woman with a spouse whose identity is currently being investigated. According to a source, the couple established a lifestyle block in Otago two years ago, and they practice gate-to-plate farming wherever possible.

We can safely claim that Kee has had a lot of help from her spouse. The couple, however, wants to stay out of the spotlight since they both value their privacy.

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