Who Is Garrick Merrifield New Sister Wife Lia Job And Net Worth – Is He Still With Dannielle Merrifield?

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Garrick Merrifield is a polyamorous man who makes a comeback in the new season of TLC’s Seeking Sister Wife. More on his family and potential wife, Lea and Roberta, can be found here.

TLC launched the one-of-a-kind show on June 6, 2022. Garrick and his wife, Danniella, were among the new and returning characters in this season.

Garrick wanted to marry a new girl and have a family, so the couple divorced. The pair wishes to remarry after the act is completed. Let’s take a peek at the Merrifields and their bizarre existence.

Garrick Merrifield

Garrick Merrifield

Who Is Garrick Merrifield New Sister Wife Lea

In the new season of the smash TLC show Seeking Sister Wife, Garrick Merrifield returns with his wife. Lea is one of the candidates for Garrick’s third bride, whom he plans to marry in the future.

The polygamy-seeking guy and his wife are on the lookout for the newest addition to their family. They tracked out Roberta, a Brazilian woman for whom Garrick is filing for a K1 visa to visit the United States.

Since Roberta’s processing took some time in the United States, Lea has become a consideration in the couple’s minds. Why should they wait for Danniella if it will take her so long to get to the United States? That’s why Garrick and Danielle scouted Lea as an alternative option for a relationship if Danniella’s processing fails.

Is Garrick Merrifield Still With Dannielle Merrifield?

Yes. Garrick Merrifield and Danielle Merrifield are still married. Garrick and his new girlfriend divorced so that he could bring her into their lives. The couple had previously married in a private ceremony.

For many years, the series’ lead has been married to Danielle. They are the proud parents of two charming sons. However, they have previously divorced due to the show in which they are looking to add another person to their marital existence.

The couple’s polygamy existence should be exciting; they have put their faith in their love and opted to divorce for the time being, despite Dannielle’s parents’ objections.

Garrick Merrifield Age Job And Net Worth Details

Garrick Merrifield is a 38-year-old actor. On October 24, 1983, he was born. Danielle, on the other hand, is 34 years old. On August 8, 1987, she was born.

Garrick, the star of Seeking Sister Wife, is a landscraper and a builder. Merrifield Custom Builders and Landscaping was founded by him in 2014. His firm specializes in beautiful landscape and building designs.

The polyamorous star Garrick Merrifield’s actual net worth is still unknown. However, based on his business operations and the earnings he will receive from the broadcast arrangement, he is projected to be worth more than $2 million.

In the all-new Seeking Sister Wife, which premiered on TLC on June 6, 2022, Garrick and his wife Dannielle seek a new member Roberta in their partnership.

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