Who Is Gary Prager? AirBNB Owner Assault Victim Of DaBaby Accused Of Using N Word

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Gary Prager, an AirBNB owner, has made news after the rapper DaBaby shared a video of Prager using the N-word. Let’s take a closer look at the incident.

According to a YouTube video, Gary Prager is an AirBNB owner. Prager is currently trending on social media after his video was shared by DaBbay, a well-known rapper. Over an unlawful video shoot, the 30-year-old rapper is accused of throwing a violent temper tantrum and assaulting a homeowner.

Gary Prager, the property owner, claimed that DaBaby left his Runyon Canyon vacation home to the Charlotte, North Carolina rapper in December. DaBaby broke the lease by inviting 40 people to the location to film a video, in violation of the lease and covid-19 guidelines, which state that no more than 12 individuals are allowed on the premises.

Prager was beaten to the ground by an unknown attacker when he attempted to stop the video filming on his own land. The rapper allegedly got out of his car, chased him inside the house, and struck him in the mouth, breaking a tooth, according to Prager. After that, as Gary was on the ground, the rapper and his entourage kicked and stomped him and warned him not to call the cops by throwing his phone back and forth as he desperately sought to save it.

Gary PragerGary Prager

Gary Prager

Meet DaBaby Assault Victim Gary Prager

Gary Prager, as previously stated, is DaBaby’s attack victim. People began looking for Gary almost immediately after the footage of the incident between DaBaby and Prager was shared on social media. Although nothing is known about him, some web sources suggest that Prager is the proprietor of AirBNB.

Prager was beaten to the ground by one of the people present during the video shoot of DaBaby, according to the incident. Prager’s phone was thrown by the rapper and his crew, who also didn’t want him to call the cops, as previously said. When Prager got his phone, he phoned the cops, who dispersed DaBaby and his pals.

The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office has also accused the famed rapper with felony violence. According to TMZ sources and court documents, the allegations stem from a December 2020 incident in which Gary accused DaBaby of assaulting him and knocking out his tooth.

Gary Prager, the owner of AirBNB, has revealed his age

Gary Prager is currently 61 years old, according to certain web sources. He is a Los Angeles rental property owner who has filed a lawsuit against DaBaby and the rapper’s management, alleging that last year DaBaby and his companions leased one of Pagar’s belongings for a personal vacation with no more than nine people.

Gary alleged that DaBaby agreed in writing not to invite any more visitors or utilize the house for commercial purposes, particularly filming. However, he invited 40 people as well as a commercial film crew to shoot a music video for his signee Stunna 4 Vegas. Prager said he was assaulted while attempting to carry out the capacity rules.

On Instagram, Gary Prager – Did He Use the N-Word?

Gary Prager’s video is currently doing the rounds on Instagram. We’ve already discussed Prager’s altercation with DaBaby. Later in the video, Prager may be seen saying the N-Word.

As a result of this, many people have shared the video on social media and on YouTube.

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