Who Is Grady Kurpasi From USMC? American Vet Missing In Ukraine

who is grady kurpasi from usmc american vet missing in ukraine

Grady Kurpasi, a USMC veteran who was fighting in Ukraine, hasn’t been seen in a while. This makes people worry that Russian or pro-Russian forces may have taken him, his two friends, and his weapon.

After it was said that two other American veterans had stopped talking to their families, the family of former Marine Corps officer Grady Kurpasi said that he had been missing in the Kherson area since late April.

The Washington Post talked to Kurpasi’s family and found out that he went to Ukraine in early March and was last in touch with them on April 26, when he was sent to an observation post during a civilian evacuation.

Grady Kurpasi

Grady Kurpasi

Who Is Grady Kurpasi From USMC?

Kurpasi served in the US Marine Corps for 20 years and will leave in November 2021.

Heath says he joined up with Ukrainians in Ukraine, but he didn’t think he would be fighting on the front lines.

After the 9/11 attacks in New York City, where he lived, he joined the US Marines. He did three combat tours in Iraq before he retired in November 2021.

Grady Kurpasi Wife?

His wife’s name is Henson Kim. His husband is the third American who hasn’t been seen since going to Ukraine. She said that to the Washington Post.

Kurpasi, who volunteered to fight Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, left the U.S. in early March and arrived in Kyiv on March 21, a family representative, George Heath, said.

Heath says that the 49-year-old was last seen on April 26 in the Kherson area. He was in charge of watching an observation post so that civilians could leave. The veteran talked to his family and friends in the U.S. for the last time a few days before he left.

A family member says that Kurpasi’s cell phone signal was recently tracked to an area near a large shopping mall.

Grady Kurpasi Update, What Happened?

Grady Kurpasi had not been seen in the Kherson area since late April. This was after it was reported that two other American veterans had lost touch with their families.

Alexander Drueke, who is 39, and Andy Huynh, who is 27, are still missing in Russia. Claims on Russian social media and a picture of the two men suggest that they have been found.

On Thursday, the State Department said it couldn’t say for sure if they had been caught, but it’s possible. The families of both men have asked the US government to try to get them out of jail.

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