Who Is Hakeem Hussain Father? Son Death Due To Mother Laura Heath’s Neglect

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Although little is known about Hakeem Hussain’s father, his mother has been charged with manslaughter and gross negligence in Hussain’s death. Learn more about Laura’s drug addiction.

On November 26, 2017, Hakken Hussain died in the garden of a Birghimham flat from untreated asthma.

Due to high quantities of Class A medicines, his mother Laura Heath passed out in their bed that same night.

Hakeem’s asthma worsened as a result of the close smoking, and he had no access to his breathing pump because his mother used one to build a smoking pipe for her daily drug usage.

Hakeen was left without his breathing pump on the night of his tragic death since the other pump was left and unpicked from their actual dwelling.

Hakeem HussainHakeem Hussain

Hakeem Hussain

Who is the father of Hakeem Hussain?

The police have not released any information regarding Hakeem Hussain’s father or his recent location in order to protect the family’s privacy.

Laura Heath had four children, and Hakeem’s half-siblings were not among her three other children.

Hakeem’s father was imprisoned in 2016 for some crime, and he was then cared for by Laura.

Laura had a terrible cocaine and heroin addiction, and she was given one the night Hakeem died from suffocation.

Laura has subsequently been accused with child cruelty, having a history of drug misuse, and failing to give Hakeem with sufficient medical monitoring and treatment.

At Coventry Crown Court, she was charged with four offences of child cruelty.

Her case will be determined on April 28th, and the court will determine a proper indication of her misdeeds.

Laura Heath, Hakeem Hussain’s mother, has been arrested

Laura Heath, the drug addict mother of deceased kid Hakeem Hussain, has been charged with carelessness in her child’s smothering asthma death.

Hakeem was just seven years old when he died, and he escaped from his bedroom and into the yard of Laura’s friends’ apartment, where they were staying.

He sought to get some fresh air while still suffering from an excruciating asthma attack that could have been easily handled if his mother hadn’t been dozed out on a high-dosage medication.

Look into the circumstances surrounding Hakeem Hussain’s death

Hakeem Hussain was discovered dead in the courtyard of Laura’s friend’s flat.

He’d been there for nearly six or seven hours and was completely dehydrated when they discovered him.

He was diagnosed with asthma in 2013 and was admitted to the hospital multiple times for treatment.

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