Who Is He? Bully Neighbor Burns 6-Year-Old

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Dominick Krankall, 6, was severely burned by a nasty neighbor, according to the press. Continue reading for more information.

Dominick Krankall was assaulted by an eight-year-old child when he was six years old.

Dominick’s face and legs have second- and third-degree burns, and the entirety of his body has been swollen and bandaged as a result of the attack.

Dominick was playing in his Bridgeport backyard on Sunday when he was abused by an 8-year-old child who retrieved gasoline and a lighter from the shed before urging the child to approach him, according to NBC New York.

A 6-year-old Connecticut youngster was gravely burned after a juvenile neighbor doused a tennis ball with gasoline before lighting it on fire and tossing it at the boy’s face, according to the article.

Dominick KrankallDominick Krankall

Dominick Krankall

Dominick Krankall: Who Is He? Bully Neighbor Burns 6-Year-Old

Dominick Krankall, 6, was burned in an incident in which an 8-year-old bully hurled a tennis ball soaked in gasoline at Dominick’s face and set it on fire, according to his family.

According to the authorities, the investigation is still ongoing. The Bridgeport Police Department, Bridgeport Fire Department, and State Fire Investigation Teams are currently investigating the incident to identify the exact cause of the burn injuries, according to the police report.

No charges have been brought as of early Wednesday. The Washington Post reported that Bridgeport’s director of emergency management, Scott Appleby, said no more information was immediately available to the public. The 8-year-old boy and his family have yet to be named.

Krankall, Dominick Parents

Dominick Krankall’s parents believe that their son was targeted.

According to Dominick’s family in an online fundraising campaign, the 8-year-old boy’s mother believes the child is innocent.

Dominick’s mother, Maria Rua, told WTNH that her son was allegedly tormented and that someone purposely threw a gasoline-soaked ball at his face, which they set on fire.

Dominick’s family has been deeply affected by the incident and is seeking answers. Her sibling was unable to eat, sleep, or communicate, according to Deegan. According to family members, Dominick was spotted in his hospital bed, all bandaged and surrounded by toy animals and Iron Man and Spider-Man figures.

How To Donate To Dominick Krankall’s GoFundMe Fundraiser

Deegan’s GoFundMe for Dominick’s hospital bills had raised more than $76,000 as of Wednesday afternoon.

Dominick’s father, Aaron Krankall, told WTIC that in the days since Dominick was burned, the community’s support has been crucial.

The 6-year-old is being treated at Bridgeport Hospital and is expected to recover, according to Rua. According to John Cappiello, a hospital representative, Dominick was in fair condition as of Wednesday morning.

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