Who Is He?, Sacramento Mass Shooting Victim Name And Family Identified

Sergio Harris


Sergio Harris was one of six persons slain in Sacramento in a tragic shooting. Find out more about the mass shooting.

In the United States, numerous acts of violence and tragic mass shootings are culminating and escalating on a daily basis.

Every year, millions of individuals are killed by cases of irrational aggression and immoral crimes.

The Sacramento mass shooting, which was the city’s second mass shooting in less than five weeks, was a recent tragedy.

According to police accounts, at least two gunmen were involved in the mass shooting, which resulted in the deaths of six persons and the injuries of twelve others.

Three males and three women were killed when gunfire erupted in Sacramento’s downtown streets.

Sergio Harris, a father of three children and the beloved husband of Leticia Harris, was one of the six people confirmed killed.

Four of the victims had significant life-threatening injuries, and all of the injured were brought to the hospital for immediate treatment.

Sergio Harris: Who Is He? Report on the Victims of the Sacramento Mass Shooting

Sergio Harris was one of the six people killed in the deadly shooting in Sacramento.

Sergio Harris went to the London Night Club, which was close to the shooting location.

Sergio’s father was worried late at night when he learned that his son Sergio had perhaps been killed in the mass shooting.

Sergio didn’t call his family, and Kay Harris later revealed that his kid was one of the six people that died.

Many people were injured as a result of the senseless shooting.

Two patrol policemen stationed a few streets away from the shooting location went to the scene and discovered six dead victims and 12 injured people.

A tourist bus was caught in the crossfire, but the passengers were unharmed.

What Was Sergio Harris’s Real Age? Find Him On Facebook

Sergio Harris, a 38-year-old Sacramento resident, was killed.

He was a family man who was both giving and loving.

He was happily married to Leticia Harris, and the couple had three children together.

Sergio Harris’s Family Information

Sergio Harris’ family details have been kept private and not revealed to the broader public because of the family’s grief.

Sergio had three children and lived with his father, mother, and wife Leticia.