Who Is Jack Khoundara Meet Avery Khoundara Father On Come Dance With Me

who is jack khoundara meet avery khoundara father on come dance with me

Avery, an 11-year-old from Phoenix, Arizona, competes in this year’s “Come Dancing With Me” dance competition. Avery’s father, Jack, is a network engineer, and the two will compete against each other. Let’s take a closer look at her father, Jack Khoundara, who is profiled in the following piece.

Avery Khoundara & Jack KhoundaraAvery Khoundara & Jack Khoundara

Avery Khoundara & Jack Khoundara

The countdown for a piece of CBS’ next major show, which will broadcast this autumn, has officially begun. The network welcomed and formally introduced the 12 teams of pure talent who will compete for a chance to win a whopping $100,000 in cash and prizes with the premiere of the brand-new family dancing competition ‘Come Dance With Me.’

On Friday, April 15, the inaugural episode of the reality dancing competition will premiere on CBS. “Come Dance Alongside Me,” hosted by Phillip Lawrence, will feature dance teams made up of parents who have temporarily quit their day jobs to compete with their talented dance children on the show.

With the help and guidance of renowned choreographers who have previously worked with celebrities and other significant personalities, parent-child dream teams will collaborate to learn demanding yet imaginative routines.

Who Is Avery Khoundara Father Jack Khoundara?

Mr. Jack Khoundara, Avery’s father, is a network engineer with a background in the telecoms and cable MSO businesses.

Through the observation and troubleshooting of difficult issues in a stressful and time-sensitive Network Operations Center environment, he has received tremendous hands-on understanding of complicated industry-leading network technologies and architectures.

His ambition is to maintain a positive results-oriented attitude and to establish a reputation for his ability to operate effectively in teams as well as alone with little supervision. He’s built a reputation as a trustworthy leader who can operate successfully in a group context or solo with little supervision.

Jack Khoundara Age Wife And Instagram Explored

Jack Khoundara is a private person who keeps his personal life secret. As a result, we don’t know much about him or his wife, though he routinely posts photos of them on his Instagram account. In addition, his age and date of birth are unknown.

On Instagram, where he is active, he goes by the handle @sumocrush. SUMO CRUSH, “Come Dance With Me” CBS TV Show, *Follow us @tazz and sumo, according to his Instagram bio.

Their new amalgamated Instagram account with the handles @tazz and sumo is tagging along on their journey, where they share everything related to their quest.

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