Who Is Jessica Inskip From CNBC? OptionsPlay Director Talks The Current Energy Situation

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Jessica Inskip from CNBC is a successful businesswoman who works as the Director of Education and Product for OptionsPlay. The general public knows her because she has been on big media shows like CNBC.

Let’s learn more about the director’s job and her private life.

CNBC reports on business news from all over the world and tells investors how the market is doing right now. So, the people they invite to talk about the market are important and unique.

Jessica is a guest who has been on the channel more than once, and people love her analysis because she talks about different market factors in a way that most people can understand. People like how she tries to explain.

jessica inskip

jessica inskip

Who Is Jessica Inskip From CNBC?

Jessica is the Director of OptionsPlay. She is the smart woman you see on CNBC. She has a good understanding of the market and all the factors that go into investing, which makes her a good choice as a guest on CNBC.

People like her because she is a bridge between them and the market. She explains many things that investors might have missed when they were weighing their options. Her business tries to get people to invest.

She has also gotten a lot out of her job as a CNBC contributor, which has helped her business reach more people and made her a sort of famous businesswoman.

People want to know more about her because she is one of the most popular experts on investing. Inskip has been going to school in this field for a long time.

Jessica Inskip Wikipedia & Bio

Inskip is a very successful woman who has made a name for herself in the trading business. People know her because she has been on CNBC.

She went to the College of Central Florida and got a Bachelor of Science in business and organisational management. From 2009 to 2013, she went to college.

Not only does she have a great job, but she also has a really happy family life. She’s married and has a child. James Inskip is her husband, and they have a son together. She also keeps a dog as a pet.

People can see pictures of her family on her active Instagram account. She is known by the handle jess inskip, and she has more than 1100 followers. She posts about her life and fun things to keep her followers up to date.

OptionsPlay Director Info

Jessica is in charge of OptionsPlay. Her appearance on CNBC was very well received by the public. According to her LinkedIn, she is the director of education and products at OptionsPlay at the moment.

She has also worked in the stock market and trade. Her first job was as a stock broker for Scottrade, where she worked from 2009 to 2013. After that, she went to work at Fidelity Investments, where she held different jobs.

After Fidelity, she went to work for Merril Edge, where she did a lot of different jobs for more than five years. Before she quit, she was the director of advance trader strategy.

In February of this year, she started working as a director at Otionsplay, where she still works. It will be interesting to see what changes she will bring to the firm.

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