Who Is Joseph O Boyle? Why He Was Accused? Reason, All Charges & Allegations Explained!

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Joseph Patrick Boyle, a Pennsylvania resident, was charged and jailed for violently killing a chiropractor, and he was eventually considered. The incident occurred when the accused was dissatisfied with the treatment he received from the physician and killed him brutally after repeatedly hammering the patient.

The case has now been scheduled for a hearing in June. Let’s delve deeper into the case and learn more about it. Dr. James Sowa was murdered in November 2020, according to reports, and the accused, Joseph, was 22 at the time. Joseph was from Bensalem and was being looked after by Sowa because he had a long-standing jaw problem. The incident occurred on a Friday, when Joseph entered the physician’s home and was initially irritated with him, but he talked it out. When Joseph’s rage got the best of him, he smacked Sowa a few times and walked away.

Joseph O Boyle

Joseph O Boyle

Who Is Joseph O Boyle?

According to the surveillance footage retrieved, the accused entered Sowa’s residence, which was about a half-mile away from his office. After that, he walked out in 52 seconds, as evidenced by the video. The accused viciously murdered Sowa in less than a minute.

The tragedy happened two days after Halloween in the year 2020. According to certain accounts, the accused displays symptoms of Schizophrenia as well as aggressive behavior. Joseph had been suffering from jaw pain for a long time and had been seeing Sowa since April 2019. Joseph has an appointment with Sowa in September 2020 to discuss the jaw drawback.

Why was Joseph O Boyle charged?

According to a handful of Joseph’s relatives, he planned to sue Sowa because he didn’t notice any changes in his jaw despite months of therapy. However, the accused acted as a stand-in for the physician and eventually murdered him.

According to the investigators, the victim suffered a severe injury to the back of his skull after Joseph struck him three times behind his head. When a post-mortem was performed, it was discovered that the victim had two skull fractures as a consequence of the back-to-back striking, and as if that wasn’t enough, he also had a jaw injury, which was described by the cops as six hexagonal bruises.

All Charges & Allegations Against Joseph O Boyle Explained

The homicide was tried in a terrible and unexpected manner, and it took less than one minute. According to other sources, when the investigation was launched, the accused assaulted a detective and beat him hard as well.

When the detective fainted for a short time, he was hospitalized after minor incidents. Joseph’s father admitted that he was aware that his son had done one task, therefore he hired an attorney and was aware that his son is mentally ill. When the police tracked down his car, which he used to drive to the scene, he was apprehended. The case will most likely be revived now, with a hearing scheduled for June 9, 2022.

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