Who Is Karungi Monic Aka Mona Kizz Jumps Off Skyscraper Dubai Video Went Viral On Twitter, Reddit & Instagram!

who is karungi monic aka mona kizz jumps off skyscraper dubai video went viral on twitter reddit instagram

A very interesting video is currently trending on the Internet. As we all know that popular celebrities and social media influencers really like to go to Dubai for vacations and traveling and Skydiving is a very well-known attraction in the tourist spot. So recently Karungi Monic aka Mona Kizz recorded a video of herself doing Skydiving from a skyscraper in Dubai she is currently 24 years old and she was spotted enjoying her time in the United Arab Emirates. But unfortunately, the happy moments turned into Chaos. Follow Our website TheGossipsWorld.com for the latest updates!!!!!

Karungi Monic Aka Mona Kizz Jumps Off Skyscraper Dubai VideoKarungi Monic Aka Mona Kizz Jumps Off Skyscraper Dubai Video

Karungi Monic Aka Mona Kizz Jumps Off Skyscraper Dubai Video

After she was reported dead and her death news started trending on the internet. Unfortunately she passed away on a first of May 2022 after the Fall. She was last seen hanging through the window of a tall building and she was feeling really sick and a most of her friends were written and the fact that she was a looking happy and but she wanted to do the adventurous activity and her lungs and inner organs could not take the toll and unfortunately lost her life and perished away.

Karungi Monic Aka Mona Kizz Death Video

She was a really emerging social media influencer and was posting entertaining videos of her dancer and other activities and her followers were increasing at a very Rapid rate of h i was a really tremendous thing for a new content creator. But now all of them are expressing their grief and sorrow on the social media sites. We would like to say that our deepest thoughts and prayers are with her family and may her soul rest in peace. She was taken to the hospital but doctors could not do anything as she was long gone.

Who Was Karungi Monic Aka Mona Kizz? Family Age & Instagram

There has been no official comments by the authorities and her family members and we are still waiting for more information on this matter. She was a really wonderful human being and she was always trying to put Smiles on the face of audiences and she was a very different kind of the human as she always wanted to to adventurous activities and now some individuals on the Internet are talking about her. They are saying that to she committed suicide and it was not an accident. But we are still waiting for more relevant information by reliable sources on this matter and we will be back.

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