Who Is Kayla Nicole Jones aka Nicole TV Meme? Bio, Net worth, Pregnancy Rumors, Age & More

Kayla Nicole Jones


It’s been a long time since people have laughed so hard at a meme called “Kyla Nicole Jones.” She is already a mother and is pregnant again with her second child, so she already has a family. Learn more below.

Kayla Nicole Jones, better known as “Meme Mom,” is an American social media personality and comedian who is known for posting funny videos on her YouTube channel, Nicole Tv. She is best known for posting these videos.

As of now, Jones has more than 5.42 million subscribers on YouTube. Jones has been on YouTube since 2014. Her videos are about comedic beauty tutorials, sketches, and vlogs, and they are all on her YouTube account.

Jones is also a talented singer, and some of her best songs are Bundles, Bundles, SMA, Recuperate, Think About Me, Hurt People Hurt People, and a lot of other songs.

In the last few days, Jones has been getting a lot of attention on the internet because she looked like she was pregnant again.

Kayla Nicole Jones Meme Explained

It was already said that Kayla Nicole Jones became famous after her meme went viral on the internet. In one video, her fiancee showed us how Jones looked with and without make-up.

Fans saw a huge change in her appearance, and her reaction was also very funny. So, the video went viral right away on all of the social media platforms. Once she started being known as the meme mom, people started calling her that, too.

As a side note, we can also find many trolls and memes about Nicole on the internet. Because her viral meme video is still going strong, we can still see it now.

Is “Nicole TV” Pregnant?

Do you want me to watch Nicole TV? Second child: Nicole Jones is pregnant with her second child again, for the second time. Until now, she hasn’t said that she’s having a second child. People have noticed her baby bump in recent videos and photos, and they’ve been interested.

A lot of people told her how happy they were that she was pregnant for the second time when she did her TikTok live. Also, we can see her holding her stomach, which makes it look bigger than it should be for someone her age. So, it is very likely that Jones is going to have a child.

In that case, people are waiting for her to make the news. That isn’t the only thing. She and her fiancé Kye already had their first child together in early 2021.

Kayla Nicole Jones Net worth

If Kayla Nicole Jones has a fortune of around $1.3 million, then that’s what Legit thinks she has. Almost all of Jones’s gains have come from her YouTube channel and her presence on the web.

Her videos must have made her a lot of money. So, Jones shows off her life on Instagram, where she is known as @kaylanicolejones.