Who Is Kevin Child? Everything On Republican Candidate For Nevada Clark County Treasurer

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Kevin Child is running in Nevada to be the Clark County Treasurer. He is the Republican Party’s candidate. Child represented the District of Nevada on the Clark County Board of Trustees.

In 2014, Child was chosen to be the president of the board. In 2018, he stepped down from his job. Child also ran as a Democrat for the Nevada State Assembly District 42 in 2012.

Kevin Child

Kevin Child

Who Is Kevin Child?

Kevin has spent more than 45 years living in Las Vegas. Since 1975, he has been living in Las Vegas. Since more than 22 years ago, he has had a licence as a Nevada Real Estate Broker and Salesperson. He is also known as the Gang and Graffiti Expert.

He has made 32 Magnet Schools all over the United States. Kevin also used to be on the Clark County School Board. In less than 4 years, Kevin helped the 50th-ranked school district move up to 38th in the country.

People in Nevada trust him because he was born and raised there. He has also promised that if he wins this year’s election, he will do anything he can to help Nevada.

Clark County Treasurer Age And Net Worth?

Kevin Child is very private about the details of his life. He hasn’t told anyone in the mainstream media anything about his family. He is on social media, but almost all of what he posts is about his charity work and running for office.

His main job for most of his life has been as a real estate broker. But he hasn’t said anything about how much he makes or how much he is worth.

Child told the Nevada Secretary of State that he had given $2,997.24 and spent $3,005.33 during the 2014 elections. Reports he gave said that his campaign was $8.09 in the red.

Kevin Child’s 2017 Scandal?

The Superintendent of Clark Country School District, Pat Skorkowsky, said that Kevin Child, a Clark County School Board member, has been prohibited from School District premises as of October 24 2017.

According to an article in Las Vegas Sun, Child was limited to holding prearranged meetings with the superintendent and attending School Board meetings and monthly parent meetings. The reason behind this ban was cited as student and employee safety.

If Child is seen on district property, district workers could contact School District Police and hand him over to the law enforcement authority. He has been accused of telling a class of second-graders that “snitches get stitches”.

He also made inappropriate Facebook comments regarding the June 2016 terrorist attack in Nice, France, which killed 84 people. Later in 2018, he filed a lawsuit against the School District, but it was dismissed by Nevada supreme court because Kevin failed to provide the necessary documents for the case. He also resigned from his post in the same year.

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