Who Is Landon Repetto Chippewa Falls WI? Lily Peters Murder Suspect Carson Peters Berger Brother

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Landon Repetto, a Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin resident, is said to be Carson Peters Berger’s half-brother, Lily Peters’ murder suspect.

Police in Wisconsin are probing the death of a 10-year-old girl who was discovered in the woods.

Lily Peters hasn’t been seen since Sunday. Her father called the cops after she failed to show up following a drive to her aunt’s place.

Officers recovered Lily’s bicycle in the woods late Sunday night, and her lifeless bones were located early Monday morning.

A juvenile has also been apprehended in connection with the incident, according to reports.

who is landon repetto chippewa falls wi lily peters murder suspect carson peters berger brother

who is landon repetto chippewa falls wi lily peters murder suspect carson peters berger brother
who is landon repetto chippewa falls wi lily peters murder suspect carson peters berger brother

Landon Repetto Of Chippewa Falls WI: Who Is He?

According to sources, Carson Peters Berger’s half-brother, Landon Repetto, of Chippewa Falls, WI, has been cited as the major suspect in Lily Peters’ killing.

Landon’s sibling is also claimed to be Lily’s cousin, according to the research.

In addition, authorities have announced the arrest of a juvenile in connection with Lily’s murder, alleging that the suspect is not a stranger.

On the other side, Police Chief Matt Kelm refused to reveal the boy’s age, the nature of his relationship with Peters, or the circumstances of his arrest.

According to multiple sources, the child the cops were referring to was Lily’s cousin.

Landon Repetto: The Age of Lily Peters’ Murder Suspect’s Brother

The age of Landon Repetto is unknown. Since no official information concerning his birthdate has been released.

His half-brother Carson, on the other hand, has yet to announce his age. Carson’s age is unknown because he is considered a minor.

According to sources, Lily Peters was characterized as a 10-year-old girl who was just beginning out in life and had to suffer such a tragic death.

Landon Repetto’s Parents: Is He John Repetto’s Son?

Although no definite information regarding Landon Repetto’s parents has been found, he is reported to be the son of Laurie Peters’ Chippewa Fall, WI lover, John Repetto.

Furthermore, John’s identity has surfaced on the internet as the purported stepfather of the suspect in Lily’s murder case.

The stage has been taken down because the father appears to have provided something nefarious via online entertainment.

Many people criticize him, but we have no idea what kind of comments he’s made previously.

Is it possible to find Landon Repetto on Facebook?

On Facebook, Landon Repetto and his half-brother Carson are both unavailable. However, a profile of his father, John Repetto, can be maintained.

He has a page on Facebook under the name John Repetto (Jack), in which he claims to live in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, and is originally from Avondale, Arizona.

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