Who Is Larry “Benjamin” Thompson? Cop Quits Over Explicit Tiktok Videos

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Who Is Larry “Benjamin” Thompson? Cop Quits Over Explicit Tiktok Videos: Larry “Benjamin” Thompson has been known it quit the Millen Police Department. Being a police officer is not at all easy to be quit his job, but if he has been taken such a step then there must be something serious about it. After reading these liens you guys must be wondering what is the reason behind him to quit from his position. So it all started from the Tik-Tok, yes you have read it right. Just like others to has his Tik-Tok account on which he has been seen posting his videos but due to this video, he had to be sent through quitting his job. As per the sources he has been caught up in a scrubby space off a quiet street in a small Georgia City. He had a long history of misconduct almost ver the years and also has surfaced on the media portals that tried t be reach out to him Thompson quit beforehand. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Larry “Benjamin” Thompson

Who Is Larry “Benjamin” Thompson?

People are taking over the internet and they are getting keen to grab the most updates on their personal life. So in the article below we are going to talk about him in detail. Larry was a police officer who had been writing in the Millen Police Department, which is in Georgia.

No, the question is why he has been needed to be quit his job? So let us tell you that to is all due to his video is getting viral.

Following one of his viral videos, he had been called quit his job. And the other question is what has been inside teg video?

Miller council meeting stated that “Thompson was indulged in a car crash while he has been working at world 2019.”

Larry “Benjamin” Thompson TikTok Video

As local news channel WRDW has been identified the police are seen in the explicit video as “Benjamin” who has quit the police force. The Georgia cop thought that no one world going tp be see him in a scrubby area off a quiet road.

The video has been captioned as “Police caught on cam” so quickly it is gonna viral and also has more than 15 million views as of now. And just after the surfacing of the news his other bad deeds also appeared on the screen and are now unveiled worldwide.

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