Who Is Lisa Grantham? Riverdale Actor Ryan Grantham’s Sister Found Their Mother After He Murder Her

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Ryan Grantham, who used to be on Riverdale, lived with his mother, Barbara Waite, and his sister, Lisa Grantham. Find out more about the scary thing that ruined this family’s life.

Ryan Grantham drove to the police station, and when an officer asked him why he was there so late, he said it was because he killed his mother. On March 31, 2020, Barbar Waite was shot once in the head in her Squamish home. She was found dead at the scene of the crime. Ryan still wanted to kill people, so he went after the prime minister of British Columbia. He also tried to kill the students and teachers at the college he went to before that, but he changed his mind.

ryan grantham

ryan grantham

Who Is Ryan Grantham’s Sister Lisa Grantham?

Lisa Grantham is Ryan Grantham’s sister. Lisa, Barbara’s second child, was brutally killed in her own home. Since then, not much has been said about her. Barbara Waite was playing the piano when her own son, Ryan, shot and killed her.

Ryan Grantham, Lisa’s brother, went to court for the first time on March 9 and pleaded guilty. He admitted to the murder of Barbara Waite and was given a life sentence for the terrible crime. On Monday, June 13, Ryan went back to court for a hearing to find out if he was eligible for parole.

At Ryan Grantham’s last court hearing, the judge found out that he was actually planning to kill a lot of people and had already brought a gun to do it. He was going to Simon Fraser University, where he had been a student before, to kill students and professors.

Ryan Grantham Arrested For Murdering His Mother?

Ryan Grantham, a guest star on the show Riverdale, pleaded guilty to second-degree murder in March after his mother, Barbara Waite, who was 64, died. Her autopsy showed that she died from a single gunshot wound to the head. Her son Ryan shot at her from very close range. The strange thing that happened and the reason for the murder shocked the whole country, which had always thought of the young actor as a real-life naive charm.

On March 31, 2020, the actor who used to be in movies shot and killed his mother in their townhouse in Squamish. Then, he planned to kill a lot of people or even the prime minister. His original plan was to drive to Ottawa with a loaded gun in his car so he could meet British Columbia’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Grantham was known for his roles in Riverdale, a show based on Archie Comics, and other popular shows like Supernatural and iZombie.

He played Jeffrey Augustin in the popular show Riverdale. Augustin was the driver who caused the car accident that killed Fred Andrews (the character played by Luke Perry). Jeffrey hit Fred with his dad’s truck while Fred was helping a woman who was stuck on the side of the road.

Ryan Grantham’s Recent Whereabouts- Where Is He Today?

Ryan Grantham tried to kill a lot of people, including one at Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, where he used to go to school. After killing his own mother, Grantham went on another killing spree on March 5, 2020. He had an SFU car with a shotgun that could have been used to kill someone. During this trip, though, he changed his mind about what he was going to do. Late at night, he drove to the Vancouver Police Headquarters in East Vancouver, where a police officer in a police car met him. “I killed my mother,” he told the officer.

His last court date was on Monday, June 13, and the Supreme Court’s Judge Kathleen Ker was there.

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