Who Is Louis Kimble From Twentynine Palms? Fatal Attraction Retells The Story Of California Murder

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A young guy named Louis Kimble was slain in his own home. His homicide case is compelling enough to warrant a televised investigation. Learn more about the circumstances surrounding this case.

Louis Kimble’s murder case is about to be examined on television.

Despite the young man’s intriguing story while alive, his terrible murder received insufficient attention. The story behind Kimble’s murder was revealed in the most current episode of Fatal Attraction on TV One. The attack’s name is ‘Death in the Desert.’

Louis Kimble

Louis Kimble

Who Is Louis Kimble From Twentynine Palms?

A young guy named Louis Kimble was slain in his own home. Fatal Attraction, a crime drama, portrayed his case.

On March 28, the episode ‘Death in the Desert’ premiered on TV One.

Kimble was a disturbed city dweller who moved to a peaceful desert village to get away from it all. He eventually falls in love with his new home city.

He was slain in his own home, however, leaving the suspects in the case unidentified. Authorities have identified the perpetrator of the February 2006 crime after conducting an investigation.

Louis Kimble Fatal Attraction California Murder -What Happened To Her?

Louis Kimble, a young boy, was slain in his own home in 2006. The scene of his homicide is on exhibit in A Fatal Attraction. Kimble, his then-girlfriend Cynice Bailey, and his previous girlfriend Nicole Sullivan were all caught up in a love triangle that ended in his death.

Bailey and Sullivan had gotten into a fight at the club the night Kimble died. Bailey was later arguing with her boyfriend, Kimble, after her altercation with Nicole.

Both Bailey and Sullivan transferred the blame after the probe

Meanwhile, authorities suspect two gunmen were involved since two separate shot casings were located at the crime scene. Another man with the same name died in California on February 19, 2022. Louis was 86 years old when he died.

Louis had previously worked as a radar operator in the US Army. His children, Sheryl Forrester, Bob Kimble, and Donna Compos, survive him. She had seven grandkids as well as seven great-grandchildren.

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