Who Is Mother of Chrisland School Girl? What Happened To Her Daughter, Chrisland School Scandal Full Video!

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The girl who was gang-raped, her mother record a video and want help from people. the video is getting a lot of attention from social media and the internet world. Everyone wants to know what the real matter is. It tried to find out the real thing by surfing the internet and social media. the girl was said to be e assaulted by some male students. the mother of that girl said that her daughter went on a trip which was arranged by her school to Dubai. Some of the male students try to rape her. she also complained to the school. So stay connected to Our article we are here to give you every possible insight into this situation. Follow Our website TheGossipsWorld.com for the latest updates!!!!!

Who Is Mother of Chrisland School Girl? Who Is Mother of Chrisland School Girl?

Who Is Mother of Chrisland School Girl?

But the school department did not take any strong action regarding this matter. Instead of some action that tries to you quite my daughter. the school management also gives her a letter of resignation. Individuals and the social media world take interest in this matter and they want to know the real situation and what was the actual matter. According to the video which was posted by the teenage girl’s mother. So on that video, she said that her daughter was gang-raped by some of the male students on the trip which was arranged by her school. She further said that my daughter revealed to me that when they go for breakfast in the morning. At that time one of the students ask her to give him her charger because his charger was not working. the girl gives him the phone charger.


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Chrisland School Scandal Video

After that, when the dinner happen, the male student called her into their room to get back her charger. but when she gets in the room. one of the individuals from them said take your charger from the Washroom. she gets in the washroom to take her charger, but at that time they cover her and try to touch her. they also try to rape her in that washroom. the girl was fully depressed now, she don’t know what was happened to her. Her mother said that she was invited by the school for some interrogation and a meeting regarding this incident. the school administration did not tell her what was this meeting for.

Chrisland School Dubai Leaked Viral Video

The headteacher of the school Mrs. Azike, calls the mother of the girl. the lady’s father said that when I get into the room there are 2 more females in that room. The name of the first lady was said to be Mrs. Kemi. the teacher said that they both come from Chrisland headquarters. the mother of the teenage girl, asks them is there any problem? they answer no.  after that day stated that your daughter kissed a boy and the boy also kissed her on the trip to Dubai. the mother said I don’t know what are you talking about she is not that kind of girl. the management said this was happen when they the played truth and dare game. The headteacher Mrs. Azike, also said that don’t reveal this incident to your husband.

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After all of this meeting, the mother said they took my daughter for some Harsh interrogation. they did not even take my approval. they try to threaten her and set don’t dare to you tell this incident to anyone otherwise we rusticate you from our school and your all study will leave out forever. my daughter gets scared. so she did not tell me anything about this. The school management also takes her for a gestation test the light to my daughter and said that they were going for a cover test. this all test happen almost three times. Now the school send us a suspension letter for my daughter, I need help from all of you people. the mother said in her video.

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