Who Is Nouran Aly? All About Egyptian Journalist Nouran Aly – Age, Instagram, Family, and, more!

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Who Is Nouran Aly? All About Egyptian Journalist Nouran Aly – Age, Instagram, Family, and, more!: Famous and renowned Shakti fame actor Vivian Dsena is making the headlines after announcing that he is all set to tie the knot again as he is in love. Yes, you read it right that Vivian Dsena is all set to get married again. It has been reported that the actor is going to marry Egypt-based journalist Nouran Aly. As we all know Vivian Dsena is a popular television actor who gained fame for his several roles in hit television shows such as Shakti, Madhubala, and many others. In this article, we have brought some information about his wedding plans with an Egypt-based journalist. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Egyptian Journalist Nouran Aly

Egyptian Journalist Nouran Aly

Who Is Nouran Aly?

According to the reports, Vivian Dsena tied the knot with an Egypt-based journalist Nouran Aly. After his divorce last year, the actor is now all set to tie the knot again with Nouran Aly. He said that he is in love. The couple has been dating for over 4 years now. Interestingly, the couple met each other when the journalist approached the actor for an interview. The actor was previously married to Vahbiz Dorabjee. The former couple separated in 2017. However, they got divorced legally last year.

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Egyptian Journalist Nouran Aly Biography

After splitting from his previous wife four years ago, Vahbeez and Vivian’s divorce was finalized last year, on 18 December. The former couple has settled their matters amicably and moved on in their respected lives. Although, Vivian is in love again! Now, the actor is going to marry the love of his life, Nouran Aly, an Egypt-based journalist. While talking to Bombay Times, the actor admitted that yes, he is in love with Nouran and they are planning to settle down together soon.

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Nouran Aly: Age, Instagram

He revealed that he first met Nouran around four-and-a-half years ago when she came to him for an interview. He made her wait for around 3 months ahead of giving his not to it. Later, his management team called her for work in Mumbai and he met her there. The couple kicked off as friends but then fell in love in a very short time. He thinks it took him only a month to realize that he was in love with her. He also said he is a very private person and chances are colorless that he would announce the wedding. He further said that his wife-to-be wants to stay away from all spotlight. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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