Who Is Officer Christopher Schurr Grand Rapids MI? Patrick Lyoya Shooting Death

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31 years old. Christopher Schurr is a police officer who fatally shot Patrick Lyoya. Continue reading the article until the end if you want to learn more about him.

Christopher Schurr is a police officer whose name was revealed by Grand Rapids Chief Eric Winstrom and has since been a big issue on the internet. Schurr is the Grand Rapids police officer who shot and killed Patrick Lyoya during a traffic check on April 4th.

Initially, his identity was kept a secret, but after widespread demand, the department revealed his identity. Schurr has also worked with the Grand Rapids Police Department for seven years. Furthermore, since his face was visible in films of the April 4 fight with the late figure, Lyoya, his name had been spreading.

Lyoya was unarmed and face down on the ground when he was struck in the back of the head just moments after a traffic stop in Michigan’s second-largest city. According to reports, Schurr was on top of him and could be seen on video ordering him to remove his hand from the white officer’s Taser.

Christopher SchurrChristopher Schurr

Christopher Schurr

Christopher Schurr is a police officer in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Christopher Schurr is a citizen of the United States who has worked for the Grand Rapids Police Department for the past seven years. After attending Siena Heights University in Adrian, Michigan, the police officer joined the force in 2015. Schurr was a top pole vaulter and studied accounting during his stay at the University.

Schurr also won an NAIA national title for vaulting with a height of 17 feet, 34 inches. In addition, as a junior, he received the university’s scholar-athlete award. Apart from that, when he was younger, he was active in his church, going on mission trips for Corinth Reformed Church in Byron Center.

Patrick Lyoya Shooting – Take A Look At Christopher Schurr Age

Christopher Schurr is said to be 31 years old. Based on the information, we can estimate that he was born in 1991. Schurr was born and raised in Byron Center, Michigan, just south of Grand Rapids. He seems to have wanted to work in this sector since he was a child, and after completing his studies, he joined the police force.

In terms of his personal life, Schurr has a fiancee whose name is not publicly disclosed. Previously, he had intended to marry and then travel to Kisi, Kenya, to build homes. As a result, he had intended to marry there.

He hasn’t given any updates on his married life since then. So, rather than exposing himself in the media, Schurr wants to live a low-key life.

The Charges Against Christopher Schurr and His Arrest

Christopher Schurr, who shot and killed Patrick Lyoya after a traffic stop on April 4, has been identified by Grand Rapids police. Because the inquiry is still ongoing, he has yet to be charged. During a traffic stop on Nelson Avenue SE, just north of Griggs Street, Schurr shot Lyoya in the head while attempting to communicate with the 26-year-old.

Lyoya ignored the officer’s request to remain in his car and then engaged him in a battle for control of the officer’s Taser. So Schurr is currently on administrative leave, with no police powers, pending the results of a state police inquiry into possible criminal charges and an Internal Affairs review on whether department policy was followed.a

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