Who Is Olena Kushnir? Brave Medic Died With Her Husband Defending Mariupol

who is olena kushnir brave medic died with her husband defending mariupol

Olena Kushnir was a brave paramedic who was slain while attempting to save lives in Mariupol.

The Russia-Ukraine conflict is far from over and has claimed several lives. This time, it’s Olena Kushni or Elena Kushnir, a heroic military paramedic. Social media has been flooded with tributes to her.

Everything we know about her is included below.

Olena KushnirOlena Kushnir

Olena Kushnir

Who Is Olena Kushnir? Brave Medic Died With Her Husband Defending Mariupol

Olena Kushni was a National Guard paramedic senior sergeant who stayed in the city despite the pandemonium to save her people’s lives. The city is surrounded by Russians, and there are currently less than 100 females living there. This heroic woman, on the other hand, resolved to fight until her last breath.

She was well aware that her voyage would come to an end at some point, but not so soon. One of the riskiest jobs one can choose is fighting for a country at war with one of the world’s most powerful nations.

Kushnir, on the other hand, took it like a strong and mighty rock. According to sources, she even encouraged people not to feel sorry for her because she was proud of what she had accomplished for her country.

Journalist етна аниленкo broke the news of her death on Facebook. With over 4.8k likes and 2k shares, she published it with a screenshot, and the post has gotten a lot of attention. More than 200 people have expressed their sorrow in the comments section of the post.

 Olena Kushnir Husband Name

Olena Kushnir is claimed to have lost her husband in the early stages of the war. Despite the fact that she had lost her greatest strength, she chose to remain in her role and accept the challenge.

The Ukrainian government plans to honour her as a martyr for her outstanding contribution to the ongoing conflict. Even though she was keeping her husband’s identity a secret for the time being, she was proud of him for not giving up.

Kushnir’s better half was an admirable man who stood by his wife even at the danger of his own life.

She also had a son, whom she was able to flee the city with. Her loved ones and relatives are still grieving her passing.

The Instagram account of Olena Kushnir

Olena Kushnir’s Instagram account is now unavailable. She had 1270 followers on her Instagram account, 42 photographs, and 814 followers. It can’t be accessed right now.

There are a variety of explanations, ranging from her deactivating the account to external forces attempting to prohibit her from exposing herself to the public before her death.

According to her Linkedin profile, she is a Ukrainian professional with 45 connections.

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