Who Is Perez Deshay Reed? Missouri Serial Killer Arrested

who is perez deshay reed missouri serial killer arrested

Perez Reed, a suspected serial killer, was charged with a seventh murder after witnesses noticed a crescent moon tattoo on his forehead.

A suspected serial killer has been charged with a seventh homicide in the Kansas City and St. Louis areas. Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker of Jackson County announced a new murder charge against Perez Deshay Reed, 26, of Jackson, on Friday.

On September 13, 2021, Perez is suspected of killing 16-year-old Marnay Haynes and 40-year-old Lester Robinson in St. Louis County. Pamela Abercrombie, 49, and Carey Ross, 24, were killed in St. Louis on September 16 and 19, respectively. A bullet struck each of the four victims in the head

Reed is accused of murdering Damon Washington Irvin and Rau’daja De’Naya Farrow in Wyandotte County, Kansas, in October. The bodies were located in different units at a property near downtown Kansas City, according to authorities. After being hunted by the FBI, he was apprehended after stepping off a bus in Independence, Missouri.

Perez Deshay Reed

Perez Deshay Reed

Who Is Perez Deshay Reed? Missouri Serial Killer Arrested

Before being charged with first-degree murder on Friday, Perez of St. Louis had been charged with six other homicides. He’s also been charged with two counts of credit or debit card fraud and one count of armed criminal conduct.

The most current allegations stem from the November 2021 deadly shooting of Stephon D. Johnson, whose body was found stuffed inside a closet in his midtown Kansas City condominium. According to investigators, he was shot in the back of the head.

Furthermore, witnesses told authorities that the St. Louis serial killer they had seen on TV was the same man who had visited Johnson’s.

Then, in neighbouring Independence, Reed was arrested on St. Louis County warrants, and officers recovered a key that fit a deadbolt lock at Johnson’s apartment on him. Reed was also implicated in the murder after DNA evidence was discovered in a cigarillo box.

The bullet found within Johnson’s head, according to investigators, was fired from the weapon Reed was carrying at the time of his arrest. In St. Louis, he is being held without bond.

Reed’s age in 2022

Perez Deshay Reed, the alleged serial killer, is 26 years old now

He’s been charged with first-degree murder in connection with a seventh killing in the Kansas City and St. Louis areas, where he’s been accused of six homicides. On Friday, May 27, 2022, a new murder charge was brought against Reed.

Is He a Facebook User?

So far, Perez Deshay Reed’s social media accounts, including Facebook, have been untraced.

Perez Deshay Reed Family

There was no information about Perez Deshay Reed’s family or personal life that could be found.

. His personal life is shrouded in mystery. Deshay is known only for his evil deeds.

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