Who Is Rainhoe Vtuber & Has She Ever Done A Face Reveal?

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Rainhoe is a well-known Vlogger. She posts a lot on her @RainhoeVT Twitter account, which she uses a lot. Her bio says that she is a demon girl who is stuck in space.

Her mother’s name is @Skullaraa and her father’s is @re reinly. She has about 46,600 people who follow her on Twitter.

In March 2022, she told her fans on Twitter that she would show them her face in two hours. She hasn’t shown her face, though, until now.



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Vtuber Rainhoe says she’ll show her face, but she hasn’t yet. Rainhoe is a Dutch independent VTuber.

She uses her Twitch account often, and about 85.7K people follow her. “I’m a demon girl from a cyberpunk dimension who’s stuck in space,” her bio says. It’s not good at all. But it is ok!!! Because I play games and have great internet. I might be bad at games, but I love to play them and hope that my banger personality will make you guys laugh.

She is very funny and plays with a girl’s computer-made avatar.

A few months ago, she told me that she is still trying to figure out who I am as a streamer and what I want to make. It sometimes makes me feel very lost, but I’ll figure it out in the end, so thanks to her followers for being patient.

She is pretty well-known for playing online games like Just Chatting, Hollow Knight, and Phasmophobia.

What Is The Nationality Of Vtuber Rainhoe?

She is a Dutch citizen and lives in the Netherlands.

In September 2021, she was first seen on Twitch. Her channel is for posting highlights from her streams. So far, she has posted videos of her playing Little Nightmares and online crane games with other streamers.

She’s played battleships with heavenly bodies, chess, Mario Party Superstars, Terraria, and Shirahiko.

In some of those streams, she also had Jhinxx on. She is known for her many interactions with CDawgVA, and the two videos on her channel that get the most views are about those interactions.

Real Name Of Vtuber Rainhoe

She hasn’t told anyone her real name until now. Skullara made her character, and Reinly made her move. Vloggers are now more likely to show their face and real name.

On Cyber Live, she and Pandora Utano both have the same artist. The people who like them are called the “Rainbros Great Order.”

She became a Twitch partner on March 14, 2021. Her first best time on Rain’s Jump King is over 53 hours, and her best time now is 6 minutes 37 seconds.

Recently, she irritated Connor for 3 minutes while they were playing online games. But people love the way she plays.

How Old Is Rainhoe?

Based on how she looks, we can guess that she might be in her 20s.

But on her Twitter account, she has a picture of herself and another woman with the words “Ur mom.” But she has used an emoji to hide the face.

She is glad that people like to read her tweets about how bad her bowel movements are. She can be found on Twitter, Twitch, TikTok, and Wikitubia, among other places.

In that amount of time, she was able to get a lot of people to follow her, and the number is growing quickly.

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