Who Is Rosa Isabel Cespedes Callaca The Dead Woman Who Banged On Her Own Coffin

who is rosa isabel cespedes callaca the dead woman who banged on her own coffin

Rosa Isabel Cespedes Callaca is a young Peruvian woman who slammed her coffin shut during her funeral rites.

Rosa Isabel Cespedes Callaca was involved in an accident in late April and was later pronounced dead, causing the family to begin funeral and burial preparations.

On April 26, Rosa’s relatives gathered in Lambayeque to pay their respects.

Rosa IsabelRosa Isabel

Rosa Isabel

Who Is Rosa Isabel Cespedes Callaca? The Dead Woman Who Banged On Her Own Coffin

After hearing a ‘banging’ coming from the coffin, Rosa Isabel Cespedes Callaca’s coffin door was opened during her funeral. Rosa appeared to have her eyes open and was displaying ‘vital signs,’ which was unexpected by the audience.

Officers carrying the casket through the crowd, according to a Metro video of the event. Doctors are shown standing over Callaca, who is unconscious, in the next video.

Juan Segundo Cajo, the cemetery’s custodian, told the reporters that Rosa Isabel Cespedes Callaca had opened her eyes and was sweating. Juan arrived at my workplace and immediately dialled 911.

Rosa was subsequently taken to the Ferrenafe Referential Hospital, where she was put on life support. She died only a few hours later, despite showing some symptoms of recovery.

During her funeral, Rosa Isabel Cespedes Callaca came to life

When Rosa Isabel Cespedes Callaca came to life at her funeral, her family was taken aback. Her astonished family transported Callaca, still in her coffin, to Lambayeque’s Referential Hospital Ferrenafe.

Medics discovered she was showing signs of life and hooked her to a life-support equipment after she arrived.

Rosa’s condition, on the other hand, deteriorated, and she died a few hours later. Rosa’s family is now seeking an explanation after having to say their final goodbyes twice.

Callaca’s family is curious if she was transferred to the morgue without being thoroughly examined by the hospital, as they believe she was in a coma.

Peruvian authorities are currently investigating the events that led to Rosa’s death at the Lambayeque Regional Hospital, where she was initially treated.

The three nephews of Callaca, who were also hurt in the tragedy, are said to be recovering in hospital but are still in critical condition.

Reactions to the funeral video on Twitter and Reddit

On Twitter and Reddit, Rosa Isabel Cespedes Callaca’s video of being pronounced alive during her own burial after pounding on the coffin has gone viral.

Rosa’s video was all over the internet and social media, and many people wondered if it was real or not, but it turned out to be real.

Rosa’s family isn’t going to let this go, and they’ve asked for the incident to be probed by authorities after she revealed significant signs of life during her burial.

People who saw the film were equally astounded and astounded, and they began hunting for further information on the video and Rosa, the still-living lady.

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