Who Is Ryan Kuehner From Missouri Police? Reddit Discusses Animal Abuse

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After killing this dog and retaliating against his neighbor when challenged about it, Ryan Kuehner is now trending on Reddit. Learn more about him.

Ryan Kuehner, a bailiff with the St. Charles Sheriff’s Department, shot his neighbor’s dog as his neighbors were performing yard work. Not long ago, the dog had walked into his yard.

A video has surfaced online accusing a sheriff’s speciality employee in St. Charles County of shooting his neighbor’s dog.

Ryan Kuehner

Ryan Kuehner

Who Is Ryan Kuehner From Missouri Police?

Ryan Kuehner, a bailiff with the St. Charles Sheriff’s Department, shot his neighbor’s dog as the neighbors were performing yard maintenance. Not long ago, the dog had walked into his yard. He pretended to be a St. Charles County cop and killed his neighbor’s dog with his pellet gun. The Cottleville family is currently grieving the loss of their young puppy.

When confronted about it, he not only killed the dog, but he also reacted against his neighbor. “Okay,” he adds, “you’ll hear from me.” And I’m proud of myself.”

When the owner of the dog, Eric Bacon, contacted the neighbor, he maintained that their dog, Apollo, was not on the chain. He even stated that he was pleased with it.

While working in their yard, the couple who had misplaced their dog noticed something was awry and turned around to find Apollo dead. Because he was wearing a collar and never yelped, the pair decided to let him go because they were nearby.

Despite their greatest efforts, they were unable to save their pet. The representative was still at the shooter’s house due to an objection when they arrived at the police station.

In any case, no charges have been filed against him yet. However, over 4000 people have signed a petition calling for the culprit to be removed from his position. They’re on their way to achieving their objective of 5k marks.

Ryan Kuehner Shoots Dog on Video, Explained on Reddit

Explaining Ryan Kuehner’s Reddit Thread Ryan’s video has gone popular after being shared on a Reddit thread. The police in St. Charles County are currently the subject of heated debate.

They rushed it to the hospital, but it was too late to rescue it. When the x-beam was inspected, the vet reported that a pellet was held up in its lungs. The family has made contact with the St. Charles Police Department, Animal Control, and the Sheriff’s Office since then.

Instead of apologizing for reportedly shooting his neighbor’s dog, he showed joy with his conduct. It has resulted in a slew of bribes from internet users.

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