Who Is Sacha Dench? Human Swan Accident To Return To Skies

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Who Is Sacha Dench? Human Swan Accident To Return To Skies: It has not been a long time since a cameraman named Dan Burton passed away after colliding with Sacha Dench in the mid-air leaving Sacha severely injured. Now Sacha Dench is all set to make her come back and launch a new expedition from Scotland to West Africa t track the route of ospreys. Last year we witnessed a fatal accident in the month of September in which cameraman Dan Burton handed his life. Now Ms. Dench is about to fly and carried out an expedition journey. If you are seeking detailed information on the same topic then you should read all the sections of this article as we have discussed a lot of key factors related to Sach Dench’s expedition. Kindly follow this column till the last line as here is everything to learn about it. Start scrolling the page and looking at the following particulars. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Sacha Dench Human Swan Accident

Sacha Dench Human Swan Accident

Who Is Sacha Dench?

As per the source, Ms. Dench will make a voyage of 10,000 KM from Scotland to Ghana in the month of August, she will pass through 14 countries. But what is the motive of her expedition? Reportedly, she will carry out this journey to gather reports on the impact of human activities and climate change on birds and other wildlife. This trip was previously planned to carry out back in 2020 but it was postponed due to the spread of coronavirus.

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Sacha Dench Human Swan Accident Explained

Last year in September she was involved in an accident in the northwest Highlands when her paramotor collided with her colleague’s. That accident gave her life-changing injuries. Moreover, she has not healed completely as of yet as she is still recovering from her previous accident’s injuries. Ms. Dench said in an interview with BBC, “I am not at that point that I can fly aircraft as I am still recovering.” She also added, “thanks to NHS, as they have done an amazing work with my legs but I am still surviving with a frame on my left leg due to which I am unable to fly the next route.”

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There is always a risk in the expedition but the expedition from Scotland to Ghana would become an easy expedition as they have got some amazing partners along the route. It is devastated that they have lost cameraman Dan Burton but they are carrying out the journey as much for him as for anything else.

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