Who Is Sam Waisbren And What Happened To Him? Manhattan Man Elevator Death

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Sam Waisbren, age 30, was a resident of the United States when he tragically lost his life in 2019 as a result of being crushed to death by an elevator. The next article provides further details regarding the tragic end to his life.

Sam Waisbren was a guy from the United States of America whose name first appeared in the media after he was killed by a falling elevator at the luxury apartment complex in which he resided in Kips Bay. He was known as “Sam.” Even if the fatal incident took place in 2019, people are still talking about him.

His neck and chest both sustained significant injuries as a result of the accident. He suffered shattering blunt force injuries to his neck and torso, in addition to mechanical asphyxia, which indicates that his breathing was forcibly restricted as he was stapled between the elevator and the shaft wall. He ultimately passed away as a result of these injuries.

Aside from that, the video of Waisbren can be found on several social media platforms, and it is now trending highly on Reddit as well.

Sam Waisbren

Sam Waisbren

Who Is Sam Waisbren?

Sam Waisbren was a man who was unfortunate enough to lose his life in a tragic elevator accident. At the time of his passing, he had only recently turned 30 years old. His given name was Samuel Waisbren, but he was known to his family and friends simply as Sam. His full name was Samuel Waisbren.

Harry Waisbren initiated a fund-raising effort shortly after he died away. They mentioned in the description that their father had created a young basketball team in an impoverished neighborhood in Milwaukee at the Northcott Community Center when Sam was only nine years old.

Therefore, Sam and his pals competed in weekly tournaments all around the state of Wisconsin, and in 2003, they were victorious in the AAU state championship. Sam was able to develop deep and enduring friendships with children from the north side of Milwaukee thanks to his participation on the team.

Sam Waisbren’s Tragic Death Captured on Video and Posted on Reddit

On August 22, 2019, Sam Waisbren, age 30, passed away due to injuries sustained in an elevator accident. According to reports, he was attempting to exit an elevator in the apartment building in which he resided in Manhattan when the elevator fell, pinning him between the elevator car and the shaft.

The findings of the autopsy revealed that he had sustained significant injuries to his chest and neck. Waisbren’s death was ruled an accident by the city’s medical examiner, who investigated the case. In case you were wondering, Waisbren rode the elevator all the way down to the foyer of his 23rd floor Third Avenue building. There are a total of six other people living in the apartment complex.

When the elevator suddenly fell, it crushed him as he was walking out of the elevator on the heels of another passenger. Later on, the video of him being crushed was also made available, and Reddit was the place where it first went viral.

Examine Sam Waisbren’s Family, Including His Parents and His Siblings

Sam Waisbren was the third and final child to be raised by his parents, Charles and Laura Waisbren. He was the youngest of the three. Regarding his academic background, he attended both Milwaukee Jewish Day School and Nicolet High School during his formative years. Sam eventually attended the University of Wisconsin–Madison after enrolling there.

In addition to that, he was a devoted family member. Waisbren worked with CB Insights in the software sales department during the course of his professional career. In addition to that, he was a sports fanatic and was now engaged in the game of basketball.

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